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Hot Sauce Sports Presents: NFL Blitzed

When Peeze first brought up the idea, my brain immediately went to the N64 game from my childhood. Hours upon hours were spent running the same 3 plays on offense while running a Suicide or Engage 8 Defensive strategy all game. It also helped that Defensive Pass Interference was not a penalty. Between running every second play with feature back Mike Alstott, or a mix up of DA BOMB and CRUIS’N through the air, Peeze’s idea brought me great joy.

Until I found out he had another idea in mind.

Since this beautiful Country of ours (referring to Canada, but if you want to take it as yours, I support it) has allowed for the legal consumption of a new substance, why not let those creative juices flow! Now that I have found my balance, and stopped watching Mike Alstott highlight videos, let me explain.

The concept is simple, enter a new frame of mind, watch the NFL, record your thoughts. With the league now playing 4, sometimes even 5 times a week, it’s hard to smash beers that often on a weekly basis. I mean, challenge accepted, however, trying to be relatively healthy, there is a substitute to reduce the caloric intake. Not to mention it’s equally enjoyable, but that is more subjective, so to each their own. Trying not to veer too far off track, the point is to try and come up with the best original thought, try to remember it, and discuss!

Sometimes they will be football related, sometime they will not. For example, here is what the boys have come up with so far:

  1. When someone’s puts their hand on your leg, how much are you feeling their skin, and how much are you aware of your own skin?
  2. What if Hot Sauce came up with our own version of the Mandalorian using just fruits? The Mangolorian!
  3. Elliptical Illusions

Then there was Duke who came at us fast and furious with hard hitting play-by-play. At one point he seemed to get fixated on Dalton and things started to derail. Then he took a nap. Very a propos.

You can check out a clip of segment above! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Hot Sauce content with Peeze, Terry and Alex discussing the NFL, the NBA lead up to the Regular season along with all of the trades and rumours. They are also joined by CEGEP de Thetford product and current Syracuse Football starting Right Tackle, Matthew Bergeron!

Alex the Intern and Terry switch things up and talk Euro 2004 and Greek Soccer with authos of Achieving The Impossible – The Remarkable Story of Greece’s EURO 2004 Victory, George Tsitsonis.

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