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Pop’s Picks Week 15: Momentum Picks

Last week was very disappointing; the Giants start off on the wrong foot when a blocking miscue allowed Marcus Golden to MUG, MAIM, and MURDER Daniel Jones. That was a crucial play that set a negative tone for the Giants. Before that play, they were effectively moving the ball down the field. The Giants’ defense worked hard and shut down the Cardinals’ offence one their one-yard line after that turnover.
I think the referees missed the leg whip call. Everyone is responsible for their own body movements, and the outcome gave the Cardinals an unfair advantage leading to a short field and a quick Cardinals touchdown making the score 13-0. The same situation occurred with Jabril Peppers a few weeks ago. Peppers got a 15-yard penalty. The missed call really prevented the Giants’ offence from getting back on the field and developing momentum.

Have a great weekend of football starting tonight!

Two Deaths

Paolo Rossi and Ray Perkins, two significant sports figures, passed away last week; they were from teams that I follow feverishly. Both the Giants and Azzurri have brought me extreme happiness and have broken my heart on many other occasions.

Paolo Rossi revitalized both Azzurri and the Italian nation and brought happiness to every Italian fan worldwide. Paolo Rossi, Italy’s favourite son and national hero of the 1982 world cup, died on December 9, 2020. He joined Azzurri after serving a two-year suspension from Professional Soccer in Italy. Rossi’s brilliant performance led Azzurri to the first world cup since 1938. Rossi scored 6 goals during the tournament, including three against a heavily favoured Brazil and the first goal against West Germany. His accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Paolo!

Ray Perkins allowed the Giants to begin to put the long era of darkness behind them and start looking to the future with well-founded optimism. Former Giants Coach Ray Perkins also died on December 9, 2020. His tenure with the Giants was short from 1979 to 1982 but memorable. He led the Giants to the playoffs in 1981 after many wilderness years. He hired two great future coaches Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells, who lead the Giants to Super Bowl victories in 1986 and 1990; later, from the Parcells coaching tree Tom Coughlin led the Giants won two other Super Bowls. Ray Perkins brought hope and brighten the future of every Giants fan.

Rest in peace, Ray!

Pop’s Record
Week 14Cummlative
Straight Up10-6
Raiders haven’t been anywhere near good lately. Rod Marinelli is the new Defensive Coordinator. I don’t have too much confidence in the Chargers, so I’m picking the Raiders.
Raiders lead series 66-54-2

Just can’t trust the Falcons to win a game they should, let alone an upset. Bucs will win this one.
Falcons lead series 28-25



Cowboys at this point have a better team and better players on the field; they’ll win.
Cowboys lead series 18-17-1


Sometimes the Titans lapse after a victory; not this week, the Lions are going to deliver another loss to  Coach Bevell’s record.
Titans Lead series 9-3



Just when I thought the Texans were going to start turning things around, they lay an egg in Chicago. Something is wrong with the Texans, who again didn’t compete. Colts will win and cover.
Colts Lead series 29-9


I’d like to pick the Dolphins here, but the Patriots are looking that they are hitting a winning stride. 

Dolphins lead series 56-54

Bears coming off a confidence-building game; Vikings coming off a loss. Bears should repay Vikings for beating them at home earlier, but won’t.
Vikings lead series 61-56-2

Bills6@BroncosBills are playing well and beating everyone on their path. Broncos can surprise me at times. The Bills are just too solid to be beaten by the Broncos. It won’t be close as Bills cover.
Bills Lead series 22-16-1

Seahawks5.5@WFTWFT defense has been playing phenomenally led by rookie Chase Young and second-year edge rushers Montez Sweat. Seahawks rebounded against the Jets. It will be an interesting challenge for the Seahawks as they will emerge with a win and cover.
WFT lead series 12-8

Jaguars have lost many close ones this year, but this won’t be close. Ravens win big and cover the spread.
Jaguars lead series 12-9


The Jets will continue to win their imperfect no-win season by losing another game. The Rams will win and cover this huge spread.
Rams lead series 10-4.

Panthers8.5@PackersPackers will continue rolling over their opponents. The Panthers enjoyed some success earlier on this season; lately, they have been pretty ordinary. Packers win and cover.
Packers lead series 10-6



Eagles rallying with Jalen Hurts at the helm. They had an impressive victory against the Saints. Cardinals had a confidence-building win against the Giants. Kyler Murray will be hard to stop. Cardinals will win but won’t cover.
Cardinals lead series 59-56-5

Chiefs have been winning but not convincingly. The Eagles exposed the Brees-less Saints. Chiefs will settle for another lacklustre win.
Chiefs lead series 6-5

Steelers12.5@BengalsUpset of week. Bengals beat Steelers. The Steelers don’t seem have any more strength and power.
Steelers lead series tied 67-35.

Browns3.5@GiantsBrowns have a great running game with Chubb and Hunt as a one-two punch. Browns have a good defense that will be able to pressure and sack a hamstrung Jones.

Browns Series tied 27-22-2


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