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Jake Paul vs Conor Mcgregor: You hate to see it but not really.

If you’re 5% excited to see the outcome of this? You’re F****D up. Especially if you’re a fight fan. But if you are one of those people, not only are you messed up but you are also in the majority. You are the new normal. Jake Paul beating Nate Robinson proved nothing to anyone except for Jake Paul. All it meant to the rest of us was an hour of entertainment and something to tweet about the next day. It didn’t legitimize Jake. He made a lot of money but didn’t prove his skills. Oh and his big bro Logan is fighting Floyd Mayweather. Do you know how ridiculous that is??? But it makes sense.

We all have to come to terms with the reality that the only reason why Conor isn’t responding is because he’s focused on his fight with Dustin Poirier in January. Because he’s a REAL FIGHTER! He knows that in three years, this Jake Paul kid might peak some interest. It’s like me saying I can beat Kron Gracie in Jiujitsu. It’s absurd, but for the right money anything can happen. I’ve trained for 11 years and I’m a brown belt. I have won no tournaments. I finished 2nd once.

This is the world we live in. The world that Conor created. Conor pushed his way to the top and began dictating who he fought and when he fought. He also became the first UFC fighter to compete in a pro boxing match while under contract and it was against the best fighter of all time in Floyd Mayweather. Now Logan Paul, who is 0-1 after losing to another YouTuber, is going to fight the best fighter of all time… for money. More money than most world champs would ever see in their careers .

The worst part is that I really think Jake Paul can be good and shock some people. But him calling out Dillon Danis is much more realistic than Conor right now. Dillon is a 3-0 MMA fighter with a BJJ background. He trains out of Conor’s camp and is always in Conor’s corner. He’s been battling the Paul’s for a long time online. I think they’re Eskimo Brothers a few times. Dillon is dating Sav Montano who used to date Jake Paul, so there’s beef there. Jake Paul pulling drive bys on Danis is unbelievable.

Jake Paul pulling up on Dillon Danis during an interview with Brendan Schaub.

If we think that Jake Paul vs Conor isn’t going to happen then we’re all idiots. It will happen. Whether Dana White and the UFC like it or not. It’s sad to see that the purity of the sport is being showcased like this. I don’t hate on the Paul bros for doing this. They have the money, influence and followers to pull off whatever they want.

Dillon Danis current girlfriend.

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