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The Curious Case of Adam Gase

I need to preface this article with a caveat. It’s definitely a “no offense but…” scenario. Clearly if one was trying not to be offensive they wouldn’t make such remarks.  In some cases we all find ourselves in a situation where we simply can’t hold back.

I’m not the kind of guy who wants coaches fired, players to be cut and so on. Above all else, coaches and players are people and generally I wish the best for everyone in their chosen careers.  The organizations and coaches themselves have so much more information than we do as observers and fans that I generally trust those in power to make those decisions.

No offence but….

Adam Gase needs to be fired and should never work as an NFL head coach again.  I wish I could say this is an overreaction but sadly I don’t think this is the case.  Yes, it does look as though his days as the New York Jets head coach are numbered.  Certainly, one would think that saying he shouldn’t work as a head coach again is an aggressive stance.  Surely, one can improve and learn over time; can’t they?

Unfortunately learning seems to be beneath the one-time quarterback whisperer (most recently nonsense spewing, bug-eyed maniac).  As a Dolphins fan with years of experience watching Adam Gase ruin Sundays I can attest that he operates with a level of arrogance that would turn even the most likeable among us into a social pariah.

While with the Teal and Orange, Adam Gase was confrontational with his players and did not allow for their personal growth as players or individuals. He was so certain that his way to do things was the right way that he chased off many players who would improve upon their departure.  Jarvis Landry was a known as a slant & drag receiver who, in 2017 was targeted nearly 80 times within three yards of the line of scrimmage. Since his arrival in Cleveland he has been a dynamic receiver who averages 4 yards per reception more than he did under Gase.

I’m sure you’re wondering: Why didn’t Landry just talk to his coach? Surely, they both wanted to win and wanted to be in the best position for success.  Well when Landry met with Adam Gase about expanding his route tree Gase had a temper tantrum and insisted that Landry was trying to tell him how to do his job.

Here are some other players who couldn’t play for Adam Gase:

Jordan Phillips, DT-went on to record 9.5 sacks with the Buffalo Bills.

Ndamukong Suh, DT– Still a starter, playing with the super Bowl contending Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Damien Williams, RB– went on to win the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs and was largely considered as the player who should have won the Super Bowl MVP. In this case Adam Gase never returned the player’s phone calls and was never forthright about the back’s future in Miami.

Kenyan Drake, RB– After stripping down the offensive line and calling so many plays at or near the line of scrimmage, Drake failed to live up to expectations in Miami. Adam Gase then made remarks about Drake’s work ethic. He is currently a workhorse running back for the Arizona Cardinals where they seemingly have no issues with his work effort.

Ryan Tannehill, QB– Sure, there was some injury issues but certainly the quarterback whisperer could have gotten more out of the former first round pick than defensive minded Mike Vrabel…

The main issue I have with Adam Gase is he represents the worst of NFL coaching. People talk about the Patriot way but forget to talk about Bill Bellechick’s humanity. As stern as he can be players seem to genuinely love who he is as a person. He also proved himself to be adaptable and changed the team identity to reflect its talent several times through the years. This is one such example. The league is changing and the authoritarian coach who knows better than everyone else is becoming an extinct creature.

Adam Gase’s tenure in Miami reached its apex when in an effort to repair the fracturing relationship with his head coach team owner Stephen Ross reached out and set a meeting with Gase. Adam Gase completely blew off the meeting believing he’d be fired anyway.  This is the pinnacle of self-righteousness.  His boss wanted to talk to him about his poor performance and he would rather sulk than take criticism.

Before no time at all the New York Jets seemed satisfied with the solid work that Gase put in at the 305 and hired him to be the team’s next (and current) head coach. We all had a good time at his expense when he held the record for bulgiest eyes in his opening press conference. In a shocking move the Jets then parted ways with the general manger that hired Gase and then allowed Adam Gase to select his own boss, Joe Douglas.  So the person who would typically make the decision on whether or not to keep the head coach, was chosen by the head coach. Adam Gase has done nothing to improve the Jets talent and Sam Darnold looks no more QB whispered than I do.

This past week was truly the pinnacle of failure for Adam Gase.  For almost the entire duration of the game it felt as though the Jets were so incompetent that they couldn’t even tank properly. Finally when it seemed the game was in hand, they dialed up a zero blitz (no safety help over top) and allowed for Derek Carr to complete the comeback on a Hail Mary.  The Jets went on to then fire the convenient scape goat, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  Let’s face it, it’s impossible to like Gregg Williams, he spells his name stupidly, he was the chief bounty gate conspirator and he consistently pretends to have head coaching offers that never materialize. That said, at some point the boss has to accept some accountability.  Yet, in Adam Gase style, it’s everyone else’s fault.

So, it would appear to even the most casual of observers that it is bizarre that Adam Gase still has a job.  Sure the tank is . At this point the Jets know that they’ll finish as one of the worst teams in the league (they are currently heading toward the 6th winless season since 1944).  On a personal note, I dislike the kind of coach who doesn’t treat players/coworkers with respect.  Adam Gase checks both boxes. So why does he still have a job? I have a couple of theories:

  • Adam Gase has Woody Johnson’s sex tape: would this be surprising to anyone?  The Jets team owner has two names that colloquially refer to penis, he’s a dude in power and Woody Johnson probably can afford some serious production quality.
  • Adam Gase knows the truth: I don’t have any reason to specifically conclude this but we all have a feeling that Woody Johnson was involved with JFK assassination.  I know there’s some off base theories we can get behind (like the new driver killed JFK theory), but those are less fun. Woody would have just becoming a man by 1963 and there’s no way to prove yourself to your 1-percenter family like overthrowing the government.  This seems plausible.
  • Adam Gase cooked the books: In 2006 Woody Johnson was asked to testify before the Senate with regards to his involvement in a tax fraud scheme.  Woody reached a settlement with the government but perhaps there were a second set of accounts that remained secret. This is of course until Adam Gase laid his bulgy eyes on them!
  • Adam Gase is pretending to be an Anglophile: Woody Johnson was appointed by the then president Elect Donald Trump as the US Ambassador to the UK.  Sure Woody’s time was filled with sexist and racist comments that were deemed completely inappropriate but the dude probably loves some fish and chips, pints at the pub and giggled at everything Piccadilly.  I can see Gase catching wind of this and riding the tails of his bosses bizarelly snug Union Jack boxer briefs.
  • Adam Gase is looking for a vessel: Why did the self-proclaimed QB whisperer Adam Gase fail everywhere else? Well, I think he may have been misunderstood. Many thought that his genius lay in the ability to coach up qbs. I thik the real reason he felt he could improve quarterbacks was a simple matter of eugenics. Gase stole some Peyton Manning and and has tried to inject quarterbacks with this enhancement.  Unfortunately the bodies of Ryan Tannehill, Sam Darnold and Joe Flacco rejected the power of Brady. It tore Tanehill’s acl, it gave Darnold mono and had him seeing Ghosts and well…Joe Flacco wasn’t worth experimenting on. Perhaps Trevor Lawrence’s body can harness the Power of Peyton.

Some may see this list and think it’s ridiculous. The author must be high and so on… But, I ask you.  Do you have a reason that Adam Gase is still a head coach in the NFL?

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