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Pop’s Picks Week 13: Postmortem Picks

Jones goes down; Giants still win. As I write this Giants are in sole possession of first place in the NFC East. Their destiny is in their own hands. The Seahawks would have been hard to beat with Daniel Jones, this will surely be a difficult game for the Giants. I am confident that Judge and his staff will lay out a plan that can bring the team a victory.

The Dallas Cowboys get taken to the woodshed by the Washington Football team. Coach McCarthy took a year off to study analytics, well to quote the title of a movie maybe he should ANALYZE THIS!!!… When it’s fourth and one on your side of the 40, maybe you should punt but if you want to go for it…. Maybe you can give it to Zeke. Twelve minutes to go your down by 4, on your side of the field… punt the ball and maybe your defence can get the ball back. I hope McCarthy can be as generous to the Giants in the last game of the year.

Pop’s record up to Week 12

W1W 2W3W4 W5
Straight Up9-712-49-6

Straight Up11-311-36-89-69-7


SelectionSelection with spread
@Ravens7CowboysLamar Jackson should be back. Can’t wait to see Des Bryant wearing Raven’s uniform against his former team. Cowboys have the talent to compete, we’ll see. Ravens will win.
Ravens lead series 4-1.

Saints3.5@FalconsThe Falcons finally played up to their talent. I don’t trust them to consistently repeat this type of performance against the Saints Falcons lead series 53-50.
How will the overdue firings affect the Lions on the field? The Bears are as inept; they just got beat up by the Packers. Hard to pick either team, but I’m going with the Bears.
Bears lead series 102-74-5.

4BrownsIn beating the Colts, the Titans finally played the type game that was expected of them. The Browns just eked one out against the Jaguars. Titans will win this one.
Browns lead series 35-32

@Dolphins11BengalsDolphins are clearly a better team will win this game with either QB. Maybe the Bengals will be more competitive now that Brandon Allen has a  start under his belt. Dolphins lead series 17-7.
I expect the Vikings to win here. Another shakeup in the Jaguars head office. After  the Jags won their first game against Colts it’s been downhill since. Going with the Vikings.
Vikings lead series 5-1.

Raiders7.5@JetsThe Raiders didn’t show up against the Falcons but will show up against the Jets. Raiders will win this one.

Raiders lead series 25-20-2.

@Steelers10WFTWFT has been playing some pretty sound football lately, but the Steelers will be 12-0; despite the WFT best effort.
WFT  lead series 42-33-3.

2.5@TexansTexans hot lately and are winning. Colts rebound from Titan loss.  Colts lead series 28-9.
Both team lost by three points last week. Rams will win by three points this week. Rams lead series 43-38-1.
I expect the Giants to really play hard and challenge the Seahawks. I expect McCoy to start and play well. Seahawks will win. Series tied 9-9.
@Packers9EaglesIt was difficult to watch Carson Wentz struggles. It seems to be a symptom of many other issues with the team. Can’t see how the Eagles can keep up with the Packers.
Packers lead series 27-17.

@Chargers1PatriotsPatriots are going to be well prepared to take on the Chargers with their excellent rookie quarterback. Chargers will not have enough to beat the Patriots. Patriots lead series 25-15-2.
@Chiefs13.5BroncosI am pretty sure the Broncos will show up with a full complement of Quarterbacks. It won’t matter as the Chiefs have their Quarterback. 
Chiefs lead series 66-55.

Bills2.5@NinersThis game is going to be upset. Niners slowly getting healthier and adapting their roster game to game. Series tied 6-6.
Pop’s picks WEEK 13 – 2020

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