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John Wall is on the move to Houston for Russell Westbrook!

Weird connection here. Donald Trump wanted to build a wall from his house in Washington, now he’s gone and another Wall is leaving the nation’s capital. Sorry I tried. John Wall is traded to Houston along with a 1st round pick for Russell Westbrook. I’m shook, I don’t even know what to make of it. Similar contracts, one guy has injury problems and the other seems like a disgruntled employee. This could be the most evenly matched trade of all time.

Joh Wall joins perennial MVP candidate James Harden. This might’ve been a last ditch effort for the Rockets to keep Harden. Harden asked for a trade and rumours suggested that he requested to go to the Nets with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. He also refused a $50M contract to stay there. This might be the only chance the Rockets have at keeping Harden. If Wall is healthy, this duo is dangerous. Add House in that and Demarcus Cousins on the bench, the team adds depth.

Westbrook gets out of Houston to join Bradley Beal in Washington. Bradley Beal is one of the most underrated players in my opinion and is joined by a guy that hasn’t ever been left off of people’s top ten lists. I don’t know if this improves the Wizards but it does send more competition to the East. With Westbrook, the Wizards become a playoff team. They were just 4 games out last year and were the only east team in the play in.

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