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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight to a “draw” and a YouTuber KOs an undersized basketball player.

I watched, I paid attention and I am disappointed. I hate that we’re so desperate for entertainment that we saw what we saw tonight. I’m not hating on Tyson or Jones. They are warriors and came out to entertain us and they did that. I knew going into this fight what it would be. I think if you really believed that this fight would be anything but a novelty act where we wouldn’t have a true winner, you are extremely in denial. Not only that but we had the pleasure to be exposed to a a guy who made millions recording himself for teenagers vs a retired undersized basketball player in Nate Robinson. And WTF was Snoop doing there, other than two or three funny lines he was awful. Annoying and over the top. He just added the novelty that this show was.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. – DRAW

This was an exhibition fight, not a pro fight, with Eight two minute rounds with no headgear and no KOs. That was the rule set for two legends to get in the ring and fight. As soon as I heard there weren’t any KOs, I knew we would be left asking if we got hosed. The answer is no we didn’t get hosed, and here’s why. 1) Like I said we knew what the outcome would be. The judges weren’t sanctioned judges and we can see their tallies after every round. 2) they were completely out of shape at the face off, the night before. 3) No KOs. How can two Knockout artists avoid knocking someone out? Oh, by pulling back punches and never throwing anything more than a jab to their opponents face. 4) they said there wouldn’t be a real winner and the fake judges would just award them both belts.

I did enjoy the fight. I loved watching Tyson walkout in his towel, short black shorts and black shoes with no socks. Roy Jones Jr. rocking his baggy long shorts sponsored by Rival Boxing (Montreal based company) owned by his cornerman Russ Anber, brought some nostalgic moments for me. The fight starts and they start throwing body shots and quick jabs. Jones was slipping and using his jab as a way to keep distance. Tyson threw left hooks and landed a bunch of jabs but nothing that would really be considered a threat to Jones. The only things I didn’t like was that Tyson and Jones acted like they were upset with the draw decision and that the judges scorecards were clearly moving towards a draw. Tony Pazienza had multiple 10-10 round scores… WTF!?!? Tyson and Jones put on their acting gloves and convince millions that they really thought there would be a decision. Jones even hinted a rematch… boring. Not gonna do it.

Congrats to both men! They fought well and hard to entertain us. I’m happy I got to see these legends tie it up again and throw hands one last time.

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson

I won’t hate on Jake Paul because he looks good, I just assumed Nate’s athletic ability and my assumption that he had been training and was fully prepared for this fight blinded me from the reality that Jake has been training for a few years now. Jake is a monster, bug boy and moves well. He still looks very amateur, I liked the fight and the matchup I just hate the callouts after.

I hate that he ends the fight and calls out Conor Mcgregor and Dillon Danis. I can understand, there’s some beef there with Dillon since they’re Eskimo bros and I’m sure they’ll fight very soon. When Jake called out Conor I was annoyed. I get it, it could happen. It will most likely happen but it’s annoying knowing that Conor fights so seldemely to begin with. Why delay it even more? In a boxing fight, I take Jake over Dillon and there is no f****** way that Jake can beat Conor in boxing. zero chance.

I would love to see Jake fight some actual boxers, because sparring pro boxers isn’t the same as fighting guys that need the money they would get for KOing Jake Paul. So far, he’s fought two guys that are much smaller than him, YouTube star Deji and retired NBA player Nate Robinson. He KOd both guys so all the respect. Id’d love for him to fight some real fighters.

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