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The Cowboys suck! The Dallas Cowboys SUCK! Thanksgiving is overrated.

I’ll start this off by saying that Thanksgiving is overrated and Turkey is the worst meat ever. SO What am I thankful for? I am thankful knowing that Dak Prescott has proven to Uncle Jerry that whatever Dak wants, Dak will get in the offeason Pay the man his money (Teddy KGB from Rounders voice). Every year the Dallas Cowboys, along with the Detroit Lions, are schedule for afternoon games on Thanksgiving Day. NFL Thanksgiving is possibly a bigger event than the actual Thanksgiving. Fortunately for the Cowboys, they were scheduled vs the Washington Football Team. Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, we had to watch “America’s Team” lose to a team with no name. Not just lose, but get destroyed by them.

When Dak broke his leg, any hopes for the Super Bowl were gone on the same stretcher as the Pro-Bowler. Luckily enough the Cowboys signed former Pro-Bowler Andy Dalton as a backup. We got this guys!! All Cowboys fans, along with this below average blogger were pumped… Maybe not. The Washington Football team walked into AT&T Stadium and made a claim for the NFC East beating the Cowboys 41-16 . Washington takes a lead of the division at 4-7 while the Eagles sit at #2 with a 3-6-1 record. Alex Smith lead Washington to a dominating performance. They played well on D, rand extremely well and of course to add insult to injury They ran trick plays; including the annexation of Puerto Rico. If you don’t know that play, peep this clip. Funnily enough it was against the Cowboys also.

Was that the reason they lost? NO! What about a fake punt on 4th & 10 in the Cowboys own zone. Oh you didn’t see it? Here it is. Enjoy this F*****G garbage. John Fassel, you’re dumb. Your father should be ashamed of you and you shouldn’t be invited back Thanksgiving at the Fassels ever again. You ruinedvthe Holiday. #Murica

The Cowboys have been the laughing stock of the NFL since Dak went down. I didn’t understand why, until now. It doesn’t help that the entire offensive line is injured. Zach Martin moved to LT for the game and got injured. The season is a wash and I’m not one to call for Head Coaches jobs but I think the entire coaching staff should go. Mike Mccarthy? BYE! John Fassel? Ciao Bello! Mike Nolan? OK maybe you can stay, defense has improved a lot since the first 4 games. Kellen Moore? Maybe keep him under supervision. He’s a young guy that knows how to coach Dak. But all in all, they need an overhaul of the system. Mccarthy was clearly the wrong choice. When they hired him, I wasn’t impressed but I didn’t hate it either. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I’m also a moron.

SO until the end of the year, I will continue to cheer for the Cowboys. I vow to get upset at their fuck ups, to get mad at Zeke for fumbling, to yell at the TV when Mccarthy allows Fassel to call trick plays in their own zone and to question their decisions when I have zero clue what it takes to coach a professional football team. But I’ll do it because I’m a real fan. I don’t hide when goes S*** sour. I don’t reappear when my team wins a game. I’m here. Always and forever.

How bout Dem Cowboys!!! OK I’ll shutup now. Thanks for reading.

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