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Miami Marlins hire first ever female GM in MLB history. Kim Ng has broken barriers.

It’s done! Finally! A woman has broken barriers and has officially been hired as General Manager in the MLB. Kim Ng become first woman GM in any of the four major sports and first Asian-American GM in the MLB. Kim Ng deserves this, it’s not a PR stunt by CEO of the Marlins Derek Jeter. Ng has been interviewing for GM spots since 2005 with the Padres, Mariners, Giants, Angels and Dodgers.

Ng has worked for 30 years in MLB. Most of which in the front office. Hired in 1998 as Assistant GM to Brian Cashman for the New Yprk Yankees, she has worked her ass off for this opportunity.

Good on her! She joins COO Caroline O’Connor and make the Marlins one of the most progressively thinking organization in North America. I’m far from a Marlins fan but I’m very happy to support this decision and wish them all the success.

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