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Russell Westbrook wants out of the Houston Rockets and I’m not surprised.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Russ wants out of Houston. The reason are unsure, but I predicted it. Well not really… I didn’t say he would want out, I said he wouldn’t be happy taking a back seat to James Harden’s offense.

What Russ does well is hold the ball, drive the net and play aggressive. The system that Mike D’Antoni runs in Houston is slo, small ball and perimeter shots. I have ZERO idea how basketball works and am far from a Xs and Os guy. But, anyone that watched a Rockets game can see that the play goes through Harden and nobody else. Not only does Westbrook suck gigantic Taco Fall balls at shooting 3s, but he never got used to the system.

Only Westbrook (27.2) and Harden (34.3) averaged over 20 Points per Game for the Rockets. Imagine if the Rockets had a better bench, or at least a more involved bench that can contribute. I think that Russ is such a F****** competitor that it’s only normal that he would want the ball with the shot.

I’ve always said that basketball is the most individualistic team sport out of all major team sports. If you have one of the top 5, you will ore than likely make a deep run and are guaranteed a playoff spot. Look at the Lakers, they had two of the top five players in the league and ran through eeeeveryone.

Where can Russ go? The Rockets are on the hook next season for $47M player option. I don’t know why he would call this out now. Insider trading? Miami? Toronto? Who knows. Lots of rumours about him going to the Clippers, but I doubt that. These are the three teams that I think he can and won’t land at.

  • Miami Heat: Unlikely because Jimmy Buckets has a pretty good control over that locker room and they made it to the finals with their roster that will more or less stay in tact for next season.
  • Toronto Raptors: Although he can do well on this roster. Lack of scoring last season can push Pascal Siakam to his season with Kawhi, but having said that he will most likely not be welcomed by HC extraordinaire Nick Nurse.
  • New York Knicks: This is the most logical. RJ Barrett needs a leader to help him and Russ will make a ton of money in a Knicks uniform playing at MSG. This is the fit and is most likely going to happen. James Dolan is creaming his balls and waxing ass in preparation for this signing.

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