NFL Power Rankings: I was wrong about the Green Bay Packers.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Are the Steelers the best team in football? Maybe not, but they are the league’s only undefeated team. That has to count for something. This defense is very good and is only getting better. Big Ben has been playing well and so have his receivers. Super happy for Claypool. Great guy, went to Notre Dame, and is Canadian! It’s gonna be a tight race, but the Steelers will win the AFC North for the first time since 2017. 
  1. Kansas City Chiefs: On paper, this is the best team in the NFL. At 8-1, these Chiefs seem like they’d be a tough matchup for everyone. They are the league’s second highest scoring team, and will continue to climb that rank. Mahomes, Kelce, Hill, Edwards-Helaire, Watkins, Bell… I’m not sure how anyone can stop that offense. It’s Super Bowl or bust for the Chiefs.    

3. New Orleans Saints: The Saints we saw on SNF are the REAL New Orleans Saints. It is very obvious the difference Thomas makes. They looked like a completely different team than they did all year. My pick to win the Super Bowl, and took a huge step towards winning the NFC South. Brees showed Brady why this is still his division.    

4.   Baltimore Ravens: At 6-2, the Ravens are in a good spot. Of course, they wish they were leading the division, but they’ll play the Steelers again this year. I never thought I could enjoy watching a team run the ball as much as the Ravens. The read option between Jackson and any of their RBs is fun to watch. I want to see Hollywood Brown get more targets though, whether it’s deep shots are screen plays. The next step for Jackson is becoming more of an accurate passer. 

5.   Buffalo Bills: The Bills are 7-2 and are leading the AFC East. I did pick them to win the division, but they look better than I expected. What a dominate performance against the Seahawks. They made Wilson look like a deer in headlights. The Bills offense played as well as any unit I’ve seen play this year in the entire NFL.   

6. Seattle Seahawks: Ummmmm what happened on Sunday? Well, for one thing, the Seahawks played as if they had 5 defenders on defense. The Bills literally did whatever they wanted. They made Josh Allen look like a first ballot hall of famer. At 6-2 , the Seahawks are still leading the division, but will need to play a heck of a lot better VS the Rams on Sunday.   

7. Green Bay Packers: My preseason prediction was that the Packers would miss the playoffs. Doesn’t look like that’ll pan out. I’d very surprised if they don’t win the NFC North. I don’t know what to make of the Packers. Their 2 losses this year were ugly, but they are 6-2. If the Packers make a playoff push it’ll be because Adams and Rodgers have historical seasons. They need some help!  

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Man was it fun seeing Brady struggle on SNF. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so uncomfortable. The Bucs have a great team and will make the playoffs. However, as I said before I don’t think they are Super Bowl material. I know the loss to the Saints is only one game, but it was a horrendous game for Tampa Bay. Then again, when you have Brady, anything is possible. 

9. Arizona Cardinals: In the game of the week between the Cardinals and Dolphins, Arizona fell just short. The Cards played really well, especially Kyler Murray. The amount of times the Dolphins had him for a sack and he escaped and got a first down…. Damn. The Cardinals defense was surprisingly unclutch VS Miami, but they were missing some key guys. I look for them to bounce back.  

10: Tennessee Titans: I called the game between the Bears and Titans a battle of two false kings. Neither team is as good as their record shows. Credit to the Titans for coming away with the win, but I don’t think this offense is good enough to make another deep playoff run. I will say that I have developed mad respect for Derrick Henry. The man is just different.  

11. Miami Dolphins: Oh baby!!! You already know I’m hyped! My Dolphins are on a 4 game winning streak and just beat a very good Cardinals team on the road. Coming into week 9 the Dolphins defense had given up the least amount of PPG. Tua put the Fins on his back on Sunday, and converted on 2 clutch third downs in the 4th quarter. He seems to have developed a connection with Parker, and it’s only a matter of time before he targets Gesicki. The Dolphins next four games are against the Chargers, Broncos, Jets, and Bengals… Are we gonna see another four game winning streak? #FinsUp    

12: Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders are 5-3 and have beaten the Chiefs and the Saints this year. Pretty impressive. Carr has played better than I expected. Josh Jacobs is becoming a star before anyone expected. The man carried the ball 31 times VS the Browns 2 weeks ago! Shows you how much Gruden trusts the young buck. Ruggs is nice in this offense. Darren Waller is a big body, with the potential to have 10+ games. I was wrong about the Raiders. I thought they would struggle. I’m hoping the best for these guys. I think it’ll come down to week 17 to see if they can grab a wild card spot. 

13. Cleveland Browns: Man, this team is hard to figure out. There’s 2 different Browns teams and that’s because there are 2 different Baker Mayfield’s. Unfortunately, I think we will start seeing more of the bad Baker since OBJ is gone. Hunt has been a great replacement for Chubb. Even when Chubb was playing Hunt’s been great. Thankfully for the Browns, Chubb should be good to return within the next few weeks. Baker, all eyes are on you now. 

14. Indianapolis Colts: Not gonna lie. I’m not sure what to think of these guys after this weekend. They did lose, but the defense played pretty well. I think that even when Rivers and the offense struggles the defense is good enough to pick up the slack. The Colts are still in a good spot at 5-3. Huge rivalry game tonight for VS Titans. 

15. LA Rams: The Rams are 5-3 and have had a roller coaster type season. I like this team. At the end of the day it really comes down to how Goff plays. This offense either runs the ball or does play action off the run. In his last game VS the Dolphins Goff struggled. I’m hoping for a bounce back game for him VS the Seahawks this weekend. 

16. Minnesota Vikings: How can a 3-5 team be ranked so high? Well, they’ve won 2 straights games and have a player by the name of Dalvin Cook who has 6 touchdowns in those games. The Vikings should be at least 4-4. I expect Cousins to have a much better second half of the season. Don’t be surprised to see them grab the 7th and final playoff spot. I expect them to win a third straight this weekend for the Bears. 

17. San Francisco 49ers: In all my years of watching football, I have never seen a team with so many inactive players than the 49ers and VS the Packers last Thursday. I feel for this team. Honestly, I’m keeping them at 17 for now, but they will likely continue to fall. No Garoppolo and Kittle will be tough for these guys. 

18. Chicago Bears: The Bears have lost 3 straight. It seems like ages ago they were 5-1. They need to win on MNF to head into the bye at 6-4. Everyone and their mother knows that they struggle to score. Going back to Tribusky is not even an option at this point, as he’s injured. I like Foles and hope he can figure this out before it’s too late. 

19. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles should win the NFC East. If they don’t, they need to seriously consider moving on from Wentz. The Eagles are getting healthier which will help. Hopefully Sanders will continue to play at a high level even after his injury. Fulgham came outta nowhere and has been a great story for these Eagles. There’s too much talent on this team to have a losing record. 

20. Carolina Panthers: I was impressed with how hard the Panthers played VS the Chiefs. They fell just short, but played one of their better games of the season. At 3-6, and with McCaffrey inured again, I don’t see these guys making a push for the playoffs. If Bridgewater continues to play like this, the Panthers will be a dangerous team in years to come. 

21. Detroit Lions: The Lions let a few games slip through their fingertips. I actually do like the Lions. They just need to find ways to close out games. They are 3-5 and have a winnable next 4 games. Hopefully they can win 3 of those and sit at 6-6 by the end of week 13. 

22. Atlanta Falcons: These Falcons are like straight of a movie. You can’t make up how they blow leads. The good news is they have won back-to-back games. They still have Ryan, Julio, Ridley, and Gurley. If there’s any team that can find a way to make the playoffs after starting 3-6, it’s these Atlanta Falcons. 

23. Denver Broncos: The Broncos lost a high-scoring game this past weekend VS those Falcons. There are times where Lock has looked good and clutched up. We need to see more of that if they plan to make a push in the second half of the season. Unfortunately, they have been hit with several key injuries, especially at the wide receiver position. This may not be the year for Denver, but their year is gonna earlier than people think.   

24. New England Patriots: What would’ve happened if the Patriots lost to the winless Jets? Well thankfully for Pats fans, they don’t have to worry about that. As much as Cam has struggled this year, you gotta give him credit for how he played late VS the Jets on Monday night. Will New England end up making the playoffs? I highly doubt it. A win VS the Ravens on SNF this weekend might change my mind. 

25. Cincinnati Bengals: Coming off their by week the Bengals will face the Undefeated Steelers in Pittsburgh. Trap game for the Steelers. The Bengals are a team I can see upsetting any NFL team on any given Sunday. Burrow has played very well this season, but it hasn’t translated to wins. I expect the Burrow to AJ Green connection to grow stronger over the course of the season. 

26. LA Chargers: As I woke up to watch Good Morning Football on Monday Morning, I fast forwarded the Chargers Raiders highlights. It’s actually getting annoying seeing the Chargers lose these games. I’m not even gonna through out stats. If you’re average football fan, you know what I mean. Herbert is balling out and the dude is 1-6! This team reminds me so much of the old Miami Dolphins…. Chargers fans, I feel for you. Look at this season as a year to get Hebert adjusted to the NFL.   

27. Houston Texans: Thank God the Texans beat the hopeless Jaguars. It’s tough times for Texans fans right now. They don’t even have a first or second round pick to look forward to in the upcoming draft. I didn’t think they would make the playoffs, but did not see them struggling this much. If this continues into next season, do we start talking about Watson potentially wanting out of Houston? 

28. Washington: What an incredible sight to see Alex Smith back on the field. We may not agree on many things, but we can all agree on that. Tough loss for Washington on Sunday VS the Giants. Washington has a great receiver in Terry McLaurin. No matter who’s playing QB they need to force-feed him the ball. Is the Eagles don’t win the NFC East, it’ll be Washington.    

29. New York Giants: The Giants have a fun group of receivers. Jones just has to cut down on the turnovers. It’s like he’s in Madden and whenever you hit the QB he fumbles. That will be the talk of the offseason for the Giants… Do they stick with Jones or draft a QB? 

30. Dallas Cowboys: What a mess in Dallas. Of course losing Dak was a huge blow to the Cowboys, but don’t forget, they weren’t exactly winning games when he was playing. He played great, but got no help from his defense. Zeke looks like he’s going through the motions. Not to much celebrating going on in Dallas, but credit them for pushing the undefeated Steelers til the end.  

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags almost got their second win of the season on Sunday VS the Texans. After winning their first game, they have lost 7 straight. If everything stays the same, and the Jags have the second overall pick, do they draft Justin Fields? I know I would. 

32. New York Jets: Like Kyle Brandt said on Good Morning Football… Maybe the MNF game was best case scenario for the Jets. They played well enough to finally win a game, even though they lost, and are still on track for the number 1 overall pick. I honestly don’t think the Jets will win a game this year… Trevor Lawrence, I hope you like green… 

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