Pop’s Picks Week 10: NFC East Midseason Report

Dallas Cowboys 2-7
Prediction 3-13

I think the Cowboys have the best roster in the NFC East. As they show against the Steelers last week they could compete with any team. But, they were losing with Dak Prescott playing great and losing without Dak. Although they have talent players I can’t see them winning to many more games from here on in. Unless Mike MacCarthy changes things around in the locker room, and on the field this season, I don’t know how Jerry Jones can keep him. Jason Garrett who is doing a great job for the Giants is staring to look good.

New York Giants 2-7
Prediction 7-9

I think the Giants will win more games than they lose in the second half of the season. I think the coaching staff has done a superb job of putting each player on the team in a position to succeed on the field. They haven’t won their share of games and that’s disappointing. In the last three losses, through a series of errors they let victories elude them. It is frustrating to see Daniel Jones making the same errors in not opting to take a sack or throwing the ball away. I think he has a lot of talent, but he needs to overcome this. He needs to understand with calmness, to manage the game with the in mind.

Philadelphia Eagles 3-4-1
Prediction 6-9-1

Coach Doug Pederson has done a great job as head coach in dealing with a very depleted roster due to injuries. The Eagles are slowly healing but have a tough schedule with some difficult away games. I can’t see them winning more than 3 games from here on in.

Washington Football Team 2-6
Prediction 6-11

hen the Washington football team beat their division rivals Eagles and Cowboys they looked like the team to beat in the NFC East and then they lost to the Giants they don’t. Coach Ron Rivera has done an excellent job in focusing on football and put aside the usual distraction that occur with the Washington franchise.The team has a very good defence and will play hard and not give up. They will win their share of games in the second have of the season.

Pop’s record
Total: 76-42 / Spread: 19-13


SelectionSelection with spread
@Titans2ColtsThe Colts are coming off a loss; the Titans are coming off a win. Titans will continue their home winning record.

Series Record
Colts lead 34-17

@Browns3Texans Last week the refs didn’t call back a Texan TD as time expired. Worked in favour of Texans. Don’t think they will be lucky twice in a row. Browns will win.

Series Record
Texans lead 7-3

The WFT has a pretty good defence. This will be a close game. The inconsistent Lions win this one.

Series Record
WFT lead 31-14

14Jaguars Packers will win and won’t repeat a loss to a lesser opponent.

Series Record
Packers lead 4-2

Eagles3.5@GiantsGiants could have and should have won last time. Coach Judge and his staff will have their team ready to win. Giants manage to finally beat the Eagles.

Series Record
Eagles lead 89-86-2

 Rams can and will score many times. Seahawks will not be able to keep up. Rams will win and cover.

Series Record
Seahawks lead 24-20

Bucs6@PanthersPanthers playing everyone tough and mainly losing. Bucs bounce back from a loss to Saints. 

Series record
Panthers lead 24-16

@Raiders5BroncosThese teams have battle many times over the years. Raiders will win a close one.
Series Record
Raiders lead 64-53-2

An interesting match-up of rookie Quarterbacks. Tua is on a better team. Dolphins will win.
Series record
Dolphins lead 17-15

Bills are coming off a strong win against the Seahawks. Cards are still feeling the effects of losing a close on at home. Bills keep on rolling and win.

Series Record
Bills lead 7-4

Saints will continue where they left off against the Bucs. Niners are still missing a lot of players.

Series Record
Niners lead 49-26-2

@Steelers8Bengals I’m expecting this game to be close. Bengals will battle and come close. They will lose and cover.

Series Record
Steelers lead 66-35

Ravens7@PatriotsThis game will be quite a challenge for the Patriots. Ravens aren’t going to let this game become a loss. Ravens win and cover.
Series Record Patriots lead 10-4

@Bears2.5Vikings Vikings seem to have found a way to win running Dalvin Cook. Bears aren’t as good as their record would seem to indicate. Vikings will win and beat the spread.

Series Record Vikings lead 60-56-2


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