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Master’s Preview: Is Tiger Woods too old? Is Rory Mcilroy too short?

In the midst of a shady election and a weird NFL season, we eagerly await the 2020 Master’s Tournament just so we can not be disappointed and lied to. The year 2020 hasn’t been friendly to us so hopefully this can go off without a hitch and give us some hope that humanity isn’t dead The best golfers in the world arrive at Augusta National Golf resort in Augusta, Georgia for the biggest Major on the PGA Tour. So many questions revolving around Tiger Woods, Phil Mckelson, Bryson DeChambeau and many more

I’ve casually golfed for the last five years but only really actually got into watching this season. I’ve underestimated how fun it is to watch even though I hated on it for years. I don’t know if this is what happens when you get old, but at 34 years of age I never expected to be this obsessed. I’ll watch anything! Charles Schwab invitational? Sign me up. U.S Open at Winged Foot? Don’t mind if I do. Random tournament replay from 5 years ago? Yup! So that’s why I’m pumped for the Master’s Tournament this year!! Four days of golf with everyone there, all the top guys and a few of the older guys that know that course better than anyone.

2020 Masters Tournament takes place in November this year after being postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Usually the first Major of the season, they had no choice but to move it and it’s perfect for me. It gets cold in Montreal so it’s hard for me to get out and smack it around for 4 hours nowadays, so I appreciate watching and learning more. Every time I watch golf I learn something; a swing detail, a new rule or even a new golfer that isn’t a household name. This is the 84th edition of The Master’s, and there’s something special about it. It might be that there no fans attending. We can all remember the roar of the crowd 2005 when Tiger hit that ridiculous chip shot. The missed High-Five, the red mock neck and the amount of people watching in total silence while Tiger is setting up his shot was unforgettable, These moments don’t happen anywhere else but Augusta.

Tiger Woods with a beauty chip shot in 2005 on the 16th hole at the Master’s

So who has the best chances to crown themselves Master’s Winner? Vegas has US open winner Bryson DeChambeau as the favourite at 8.5-1, Tiger at 23-1, Justin Thomas at 14-1 and even a good old Canadian boy Mike Weir at 613-1. Gotta love that Weir is allowed to play forever. Especially with 26 rookies this season. I really think that there needs to be a max on how many times you can play when you’re not on the tour. You should have a 5 year window after you leave the PGA Tour to play and leave place for the rookies and young guys that are still battling for a shot.

It’s so hard to tell. Golf is the hardest sport to bet on, you never know what mental issues the player is having that week? There isn’t an injury list like in team sports. We don’t get any info other than what the player has done that season or the year before, public opinion will usually curve the line as well.

I like Justin Thomas a lot this season, he’s come up short a few times and had almost pushed a playoff vs Rahm and Cantlay at the Zozo. He’s on the cover of the PGA Video game, he was Tiger’s teammate at the Payne’s Valley challenge and he had ten Top10 finishes in 2019-2020 season with only three 1st place finishes making it thirteen for his career and he’s only 27 years old. We can’t look past John Rahm and Dustin Johnson, they’ve been on fire the last 12 months sharing 15 Top10 finishes. Also… how can we ignore the mammoth that is Bryson DeChambeau, the favourite, the guy that can drive it a million yards, his ugly hat and his cringeworthy attitude. Bryson has been on fire coming off the US Open. I don’t see him winning the Master’s. I feel that Augusta offers difficulty to those who lack the finesse of a Mcilroy, Tiger or even Morikawa. It should be interesting to see what he can do while using that crazy drive.

I can’t wait to park my ass and watch grown men hit a small ball in the mecca of golf You can follow me on Twitter @TerryTam for stupid golf tweets and jokes. Also don’t forget to listen to Weekly Sauce. This week we had Joey Alfieri of TSN 690 to talk Habs and Twitter beefs.

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