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How good is New Orleans Saints utility player, The Swiss Army knife Taysom Hill?

The one thing Saints backup QB doesn’t lack is confidence. He takes on every role with conviction; be it a back up QB role, lining up at receiver, blocking punts or taking handoffs. Hill is the ultimate utility guy, in hockey he’s known as a plug. I’ve been called a plug once or twice in my life and I only “try” to play ball hockey once a week. Hill is fast as S*** and has sick hands. The one thing I love about Hill is whenever he makes a play he has this “gotcha” look on his face that will annoy any and all of his opponents. It begs the question, is he good? or just a gimmick?

I think he’s a gimmick and here’s why. Yes he’s fast, yes he has good hands like I mentioned before but in a starter role, I can’t see him being able to have anything close to the same success as Drew Brees has. Just like a backup goalie in the NHL, he comes in at times without the pressure of being a #1 and without the game on his shoulders. I have all the respect in the world for Taysom, the guy has the biggest BIG DICK ENERGY I have ever seen, no wonder he has a hot wife, he’s jacked and for sure is packing a serious knee slapper.

I love this guy for what his value is to the Saints. He’s the guy you look at when you need a spark, a spark lug is you may. A plug is necessary for any championship team. They aren’t always the star but the reliability of a plug might turn them into a star. Notable plugs that have had success on championship teams: David Ortiz (DH-Boston Red Sox), Pat Maroon (LW- St-Louis Blues 2019 and Tampa Bay Lightning 2020 Stanley Cup Champions on both teams), Ron Artest (F- Los Angeles Lakers) and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer (Forward- Manchester United).

These men embodied what it meant to be a team player, Maroon knew his limits yet played top line for his reliability and assisted on the Game Winning Goal in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals with the Lightning. Big Papi David Ortiz wasn’t known for his defensive skills but he can crack a homer better than anyone and in crucial moments as the DH for the Red Sox during his 20 year career. Ole Gunnar was a bench player that would come on with 10-20 minutes in the game whenever Sir Alex needed his Manchester United squad needed a goal. Ron Artest was the ultimate plug with the Lakers, they needed a reliable big man that can play hard, Artest was just that and proved to be extremely valuable to the Lakers.

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