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Congratulations to the LA Dodgers! You’re World Series Champions. I still hate you, Especially Justin Turner.

As a Montreal native, I was torn between routing for the Dodgers so the Rays can relocate to Montreal or rooting for the Rays because I do not like the Dodgers. TORN!!!The Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series Champs and as hard as it is for me to say, it’s well deserved. After a hard fight playoff, they got it done in six games vs the Tampa Bay Rays. Even though the Rays were the AL #1 seed, they were the underdog and nobody expected them to make it as far as they did. The Rays were supposed to lose to the Yankees, then almost blew a 3-0 lead to the Astros*. The Rays were resilient, the Dodgers were dominant, Kershaw got the giant monkey removed from his back, Mookie Betts proved the Red Sox wrong, Justin Turner is still a prick and Kevin Cash out managed himself.

Kevin Cash has been public enemy #1 for pulling Blake Snell from game six after giving up his second hit in 73 pitches. The analytics said that he was at his best and wouldn’t be able to out Betts and Seager (next on hitting rotation) for a third time that game. I’m all for looking at advanced analytics, but something tells me that you should ride the hot pitcher and 2018 Cy Young winner. I can’t hate on the decision because this was the system that got the Rays to the dance, so good on Cash for not changing his coaching style. Something tells me the Rays skipper wanted to keep Snell in but changed his mind. But what the hell do I know?

My favourite story about the World Series was Clayton Kershaw’s rise to becoming a World Series champion. Kershaw has been the topic of every pundit, every douchebag, every sports dummy and whoever else thinks they know anything about baseball. He has been a focal point but for the wrong reasons. Kershaw was coming into the World Series with an 11-12 post season record. The three time Cy Young winner and former NL MVP was still called a choker, a scab, a loser and wtv else the average fan can think of. Kershaw will be a Hall of Famer one day and now, after winning a World Series, he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

The Dodgers win and I’m happy for them I still hate them… but I’m happy for guys like Kershaw, Seager, Belinger and Betts. I’m not happy for Justin Turner, after testing positive for COVID-19 he was pulled form the game but still ran out to celebrate with his team. First of all, how the hell did they get the results mid game? How did the league and team allow him to play? Why was he allowed to celebrate with his teammates? It’s a joke. Turner is a joke for that. I may still be bitter from when Turner was on the Dodgers team that beat my Mets in the NLCS in 2015. The same team where Chase Utley broke his line while running to second base, and in turn broke 2B Miguel Tejada’s leg. That was by far one of the dirtiest plays I had ever seen and for that Chase Utley is on my hate list. Turner is on that list by association, now add this COVID fiasco! He’s done. Out. Finished.

Dirtiest play in sports

Congrats to the Dodgers! You beat the Montreal Expos

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