It’s Tua Time

At 1-3, all us Dolphins fans were asking the same question: When will it be Tua Time? The Dolphins then won 2 straight blowout games. Putting all this Tua talk to rest- or so you thought. The Miami Dolphins have announced that Tua Tagovailoa will be their starting QB in week 8 when they host the Los Angeles in their next game. So Ryan Fitzpatrick is having a career year through the first 6 games, wins 2 straight games, and then you decide to pull him? Do I like it? You ask. I love it! Here’s why.

Ok, I get everyone saying it may be too early to play Tua. Saying things like; Why would you play him now!? The Dolphins were looking good without him! All of this may be true, but lets be real, the Dolphins were not gonna go very far with Fitzpatrick. They may be even worse with Tua, but that’s not the point. The point is they know what they have in Fitzpatrick. A very solid backup who will win some games and do whatever he can to will his team to victory. This had the making of being an 8-8 season for the Dolphins. With Tua, the Dolphins have no idea what they have. A Hall-of-Famer? A bust? A pro-bowler? Well, now they’ll have some idea.

The Dolphins have nothing to lose by playing Tua. Miami was 3-3 with Fitzpatrick, not 5-1 or 6-0. There’s the concern about Tua’s health. The way I see it, the Dolphins knew Tua had injury issues when they drafted him. This is nothing new. They took a chance on him by drafting him and that’s that. No second guessing now. If he gets injured his first game, well then, I guess you got your answer. I will miss seeing Fitzmagic do his thing, and seeing the faces he makes after throwing a touchdown. At the same time, as a Dolphins fan, I’m tired of hearing maybe next year. Let’s just rebuild a little. No, put your chips on the table, and play the guy you drafted fifth overall and want to be the face of your franchise. #FinsUP #TuaTime      

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