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Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott breaks leg and ends season. Reminds me of other sick injuries. Here’s a few that still make my skin crawl.

If you’re the type of person that can’t watch gruesome injuries then this list isn’t for you. But if you’re like me and you can’t look away at a leg snapped in half or someone landing on their arm and crushing it, then look NO further. Here are some videos that I’m sure you remember that made me watch from the separation in my fingers, over and over again. While making this list, I realized that there’s a lot more nasty injuries like this in baseball then any other sport.

Dak Prescott snaps ankle vs Giants and ends his season. This one hurt me personally as a Cowboys fan.

Joe Theisman – If you haven’t seen this then you’ve been living under a rock. One of the worst of all time.

Steven Stamkos – We were lucky that his shin pads were covering his leg and this kid was so tough he tried to skate on a broke tibia.

Moises Alou breaks ankle rounding first base for the Montreal Expos

Gordon Hayward – Snaps ankle and ends his season with the Celtics

Willis Mcgahee – 18 years later and it still holds up. Mcgahee’s knee hyper extends and tears any ligament possible.

Marcus Lattimore – This one is the worst/best one. Safe to say he never recovered from this one.

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