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Los Angeles Lakers win another championship and their fans are just as entitles as their leader Lebron James.

The LA Lakers win again, Lebron James wins MVP again and the world is back to normal. Maybe not! In an era where guys join power houses to win championships. “cough Durant cough”, the Lakers ran through the entire Western Conference with the leadership of Lebron James and Anthony Davis over a team that wasn’t a “super team” but just great ball players buying into one system. Anthony Davis joined the Lakers via a trade and all of sudden they became a contender again. Lebron did what he does best and played recruiter for his team. But who wouldn’t want to play with him? King James has been in the finals in nine of the last ten seasons, and that’s only because he was injured last year. The guy knows how to win.

Lebron James is great, at everything he does except for one thing… Humility. Lebron is not humble, he’s entitled and gets very butt hurt when he doesn’t win an award or someone doesn’t kiss his ass or he doesn’t get the calls on court. All that being said, I think he’s the best player ever, the GOAT if you will, but he’s a baby just like Lakers fans.

Lebron has had his entitled moments like when he complained about losing Defensive MVP to Giannis. When he complained that Marc Gasol won Defensive MVP. When he’s made speeches and quotes about him not being appreciated. Saying that ten out of 10 times people would shit their pants. BARF!! Lebron is a great dad and a good man. He’s done a lot for the sport and his community, he shouldn’t answer to anyone that doesn’t matter.

Lebron’s speech was great, but I did notice there was a lot of “I” and “Me” in there. This man deserves his respect and he has earned it. He shouldn’t demand and ask for it. It’s laaaaame! It’s lame because he has earned the respect. He’s arguably the best of all time and the longer he plays, the longer he will make a stronger case for that.

Their fans on the other hand are awful They tore down their city in a f****** celebration and caused riots and brawls. One idiot yelled F*** Kobe and got beat up for it. I can’t say it wasn’t expected but it’s not a surprise knowing who the fan base is.

Congrats to the LA Lakers, Lebron James for his 4th chip and to Anthony Davis on his first championship.

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