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I want the Houston Astros to win the World Series. Especially the ALCS. Fight me!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and give thanks to the baddest team in sports. OK OK OK! Just so you know, I think they’re scumbags for cheating in their 2017 run to winning the World Series. I don’t have a favourite player on this team although Jose Altuve is impressive to me. He shouldn’t be playing baseball, he should be a gymnast or a horse jockie. What he does makes no sense, every pitch is over his head and he still cranks it; even though he knew the pitches that were coming.

The Houston Astros are in the ALCS vs the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays defeated the NY Yankees in a deciding Game 5 and upset the monsters that are Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Even as a Mets fan, I rooted for the Yankees last year because I like what they are building and I’m a fan of a few of their players. If they had gone to the ALCS, I would root for the Bronx Bombers and not the Houston Astros.

This is why I want the Astros to win: because nobody roots for the bad guy. Just once I would love an asshole to embrace themselves as the bad guy. If it happens, it’s always too late. The Patriots have been the bad guys since the introduction of the Tuck Rule in the 2001 playoffs game vs the Oakland Raiders. I feel like they only embraced it the last years. I’d say since the loss to the Eagles. After the Pats lost to the Eagles, they became angry and really embraced the assholes they are… Figuratively.

Jon Jones is another one that only admitted to himself after a video was released of his conversation with Daniel Cormier. He thought the mics were off, but they were rolling and Jones started to call Cormier a pussy and being very un-Christian. Jones was known to act like he was “holier than now” champ that’s clean cut. We knew he wasn’t and he was hated because of it. I really think that he gained more fans as soon as his real persona came out. I know I was one of those people and am now a huge Jones fan.

The Houston Astros embraced it pretty quickly and I salute them for it. If they can win this season, it would be that ultimate F*** YOU to the rest of the league. In 2017 they were caught stealing signs electronically and illegally on their way to a World Series championship. They started this year with targets on their heads and rightfully so. Every pitcher they faced took shots at them and what did these POS do? They stood there and took them. They knew that they would have the chance to represent the AL in the World Series again. I say this while the Rays lead the series 2-0.

Go Astros!!!

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