Lakers Feeling The Heat

No matter who you were cheering for in game 5, you gotta admit it was one heck of a game. Miami took a double-digit lead in the first half, but LA clawed there way back into the game and even took a lead in the 4th quarter. It seems whenever Miami has a big lead they take their foot off the gas. I want to see them with more of a killer instinct. The end of that game was way too stressful for me. Butler was able to get it done at the free throw line late in the 4th. I love that he attacked the basket and didn’t settle for a midrange jumper. He’s great at getting to the line, and has no care whatsoever for his body. 

I love sequence of him under the basket trying to catch his breath. The man played all but 48 seconds in the game. Something you really don’t see nowadays. My mom, who has become a huge Heat fan, asked why LeBron and AD don’t play as much as Jimmy Buckets. I simply said cuz he’s a straight up dog. She looked at me cluelessly, but that’s all I could think of. Butler will LITERALLY do whatever he can to will his team to victory. Just look at the And-1 he got where Howard hammered him. Miami was struggling to score and Butler got the Heat the ugly basket they needed. LeBron was doing much of the same for the Lakers. He was scoring at will and was doing it with the 3 ball too. He makes getting to the basket look easy. If you’re the Heat, you know he’s gonna come out with something to prove tonight. 

Patience pays off in getting the Jimmy Butler 'Monster' photo - Los Angeles  Times

The play of the game 5 has gotta be the 3 point shot by Robinson to put the Heat up by 2, with just over 3 minutes left. He moves so well without the ball and bailed out Butler on that play. Robinson’s 26 points were massive for Miami. Nunn had a solid game and he really needed it. He’s gonna have to be good again for Miami tonight in order for them to win. Two guys who really need to step it up are Jae Crowder and Danny Green. Crowder hasn’t shot the ball well recently. I wouldn’t mind seeing him attack the basket more to get better looks. Green is getting good looks. He’s just gotta knock them down. As simple as that. 

The Lakers are 5.5 point favourites tonight. Guess what… Butler and the Heat don’t give a rat’s you-know-what. I expect Bam to have a big game tonight and get to the foul line consistently. I have a feeling tonight will be a high scoring game. I guarantee you the Lakers don’t want to have to play the Heat in a game 7. 

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