Game 3 Becomes a Must Win For The Heat

The Miami Heat are in trouble. As I expected, the Heat put up a fight game 2. It was not enough to even the series up at one, however. The Lakers seem to be picking apart the zone. Even when the Heat force the Lakers into a bad shot, LA is there to grab the offensive rebound. I suggest the Heat play much less zone in tonight’s game. Play man to man and if the Lakers win, so be it. The Heat cannot afford to lose another game with the zone being virtually ineffective. Even with the Heat keeping last game fairly close, you never felt like the game was in doubt for there Lakers. They controlled the game from start to finish. 

Unfortunately for the Heat they’ll be without Bam and Dragić again in game 3. This series has now become David VS Goliath. I think Spoelstra will keep the same starting lineup as last game, with Herro and Leonard starting. Olynyk will end up having more minutes than Leonard though. The Heat bigs need to be more aggressive… much more aggressive. I get that AD and Howard are big and strong, but Olynyk and Leonard can’t be left off the hook. They have to fight harder to get position and start grabbing more rebounds. Easier said than done, but it’s a must at this point for Miami. 

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Again, credit to the Lakers. They played a great game Friday and deserve to be up 2-0. When you have Rondo hitting 3s, you know it’ll be a long night for the Heat. Miami will give Rondo that 3 point shot all day… as they should. Davis has become a real problem for Miami. Right now the Heat don’t have anyone that can guard him one on one. They have to start considering doubling him a little more. AD looked like he was in a 2K game on Friday. He went 15 of 20 from the field and looked like a man possessed. LeBron has been very efficient, and that has been enough for the Lakers. 

Two guys I want to see more of from Miami tonight are Robinson and Nunn. Duncan Robinson seems to be out of rhythm. He seems to be forcing shots, but like I said last article, that’s kinda his game. Nunn looks slow as heck. He seems hesitant, based on last game. He had a very good game 1 and needs to bring some of that tonight. I expect Miami to be energetic from the get-go and have a better first half than last game. Hopefully that’ll carry over into the second half…  

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