Brandon Prust; Opposite of Class.

In a special collaboration with Alex the Intern, let’s take a look at the tweet that Prusty should have left in drafts, or just had a brain to not write in the first place.

Tuukka Rask’s decision to leave the bubble in order to be with his family due to a medical emergency with his daughter has made the headlines for a week. A lot of Bruins fans criticized Tuukka’s decisions for “abandoning the team”, while others respected his decision. Yesterday, Brandon Prust took a jab at Tuukka when praising a video of Anton Khudobin by captioning it “Opposite of Tuukka Rask”. Later he doubled down on his stupidity when he replied to a tweet by @cksportsnetwork by saying “Ya he’s a pussy. Don’t ask for 8 million if you want to go home to cuddle”.

I could have maybe understood the first part where he praises and says the “Opposite of Tuukka Rask” as a click bait or wanting attention (because let’s be honest, Prust is now irrelevant) but those comments of him saying he is a “pussy” are overboard in our opinion.

As an ex-athlete, he should be able to understand where Tuukka Rask is coming from especially when you consider that he started a Foundation for kids (yes, he does have a foundation called Prust 4 Kids – www.prusty4kids.com). It’s baffling to know that he has a foundation to help kids yet has the audacity to call someone a “pussy” for leaving to go see if his daughter is alright. It’s something that any father would do. The Foundation will now probably take an unfortunate hit because the owner is a hypocrite. I guess Prust is still salty about Marie-Pier Morin leaving him last year.

Never in a million years as Canadiens fans did we ever think we would side with a Boston Bruin over any current or former Hab, but here we are.

On behalf of every single person with common sense, f**k off Brandon Prust.

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