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The Tour Championship and the newest three best golfers in the world. Dustin Johnson has big D*** energy.

I love Dustin Johnson. There I said it. It’s weird because he looks exactly like my brother but he’s dreamy and it doesn’t help that he is very good at golf. He’s also married to Wayne Gretzky’s daughter and is an absolute unit. He is for sure one of the only three people that don’t suck at golf specially based on his performance a few weeks ago at The Northern Trust Open.

DJ is currently at -18 through 17 holes and will be the winner of the 2020 Tour championship. John Rahm (1/3 good golfers in the world) was neck and neck with Johnson but melted a bit towards the end of the day. Dustin Johnson now has 23 wins on the tour but no Majors yet. I think he’s favoured for the Masters in November. He looks like he’s in cruise control and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Justin Thomas, the third good golfer in the world, made a nice run toward the end but couldn’t catch big d*** Johnson. He’s played really this season but seems to always come up short.

I just started watching golf and before I actually started enjoying playing the sport, I would always say that it was boring to watch. Now, I can’t stop watching. I can’t wait for the US open and the Masters this season.

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