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Strippers, Bubbles and Chicken Wings: The NHL and NBA players face challenges in the bubble.

I think we all knew that some of the athletes stuck in the bubble would have issues keeping their junk in their pants and stay in the confines of the bubble. This week rookie goalie Thatcher Demko for the Vancouver Canucks was gifted two strippers to his room, rookie for the Seattle Seahawks was cut for bringing a girl to his room and Lou Williams went to a strip club to get chicken wings. The Canucks were fined 45K by the league and Lou was quarantined for leaving the bubble.

This makes me think that if I was a young millionaire being forced to stay in my hotel room and limit to two to three restairants, I would most likely want some strip club wings or some company. I can’t blame these guys for just losing patience and breaking the bubble.

I love how the Canucks were fined and not the player… lol. It’s not his fault because he never called teh strippers but the team was fined and I’m sure it was small price to pay for their goalie to get rid of some stress. Needless to say he Demko played lights out the next day and forced a game 7 vs the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Lesson learned? Maybe but I’m sure it won’t be the last time this happens.

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