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Marc-Andre Fleury eats Strawberry Jam A$$ and Johnathan Marchessault loves mom’s boobs

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have had a rough week on Social media. First Marc-Andre’s Fleury agent (Allan Walsh) posts a pic on Twitter that portrays his client being stabbed in the back by HC Pete DeBoer. Then rumours are thrown around by Blackhawks fans that Fleury eats is wife’s ass with strawberry jam. Now Vegas Forward Johnathan Marchessault defends his honor on Istagram vs annoying Canucks fans.

Vancouver Canucks fans are very annoying. Extremely annoying. They’re right there with Habs fans and Leafs fans. You wouldn’t think because they haven’t win anything and feel entitled. A few Canucks fans have attacked Marchessault on his instagram page and Marchessault decided to take the bait and tell them to “suck on their mom’s tits”. He has since removed the comments and apologized.

I don’t know why he apologized… some of those comments were about his family. He didn’t even say anything that bad. How many of us can say we never sucked on our mom’s boobs.

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