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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez lose bid to buy the New York Mets. Manfred is a moron and Brodie Van Wagenen is a genius??? maybe not.

Brodie Van Wagenen, (yes I had to google his name) made news this week where he exposed MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for trying to get the Mets to protest in their locker rooms for an hour. This is very sketchy to me. Van Wagenen says thet Manfred asked him to make the NY Mets take the field, go back into their locker room and then come out in time for the first pitch.

Also in the clip the Mets GM says that Manfred has no leadership skills and he “doesn’t get it”. I think it’s a little weird that Brodie released this video when the rest of the video is muted, all we hear is this portion. I also think it’s very sketchy that had this clip up. It’s almost as if Brodie was going after the Commissioner position.

I think we can all agree that Manfred has handled the COVID situation poorly. From negotiating with the PA, countless positive cases and now the BLM protests. Manfred is on a very short leash and Brodie is doing his best to swoop right under him.

All this comes after the group headed by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez loses their bid to buy the NY Mets. The Wilpon family has accepted a 2B$ bid from Billionaire Steve Cohen. We’ll see if that goes through. In the mean time, the Mets still suck. #GoMets

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