Milwaukee Bucks boycott Game 5 in protest for the shooting of Jacob Blake. WNBA postpone games as well

Let me start by saying that I fully support the NBA players decision to not play. These players have been removed from their families and homes to entertain us, and in crisis we always lean on family. Nobody should do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing. After the Bucks boycott their game the L.A Clippers and the L.A Lakers decided to boycott their games as well. The WNBA, MLB and MLS decided to postpone games as well.

George Hill, Giannis Antetokoumpo and the rest of the Bucks did not feel comfortable playing as the shooting of Jacob Blake happened in their extended community, 45 minutes outside of Milwaukee in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Although I do respect their decision, I think that the message they’re trying to send lasts only a moment, where if they stay in front of the camera and use their voices on the court, in the media pregame and post games it goes a lot further. Ryan Clark says it perfectly. People are now listening, people are watching, more and more people are changing.

I’ve always respected Ryan Clark’s opinions, he’s honest and straight to the point. He won’t hold back punches but also understands that these players, specifically the black players had to fight to get to where they are now and they shouldn’t give that up.

I’ll support whatever the players and the leagues decide to do. The NHL has been silent and has resumed their games. I don’t see them postponing the playoffs either but I assume they will do something in solidarity with other leagues, I assume. Evander Kane has been the only voice out of the NHL and it’s not enough. Kane is on the San Jose Sharks and isn’t currently playing but is demanding the NHL do something. The NHL is predominantly white unlike the NFL and MLB that have a majority of their players from African decent. It’s still disappointing that the NHL has been silent since the shooting of Jacob Blake.

The reality is that there needs to be change. The old heads won’t change because they aren’t willing to listen. They live in a system that is built for them and don’t want it to change. The messages needs to be sent to the people listening.

I operate a sports blog site and host two sports podcasts. I’m a huge sports fan but I can live without sports if that’s what the leagues decide to do and if that’s what it takes to see change. But my opinion is that their voices are stronger at the forefront of the world. Nothing unites us more than sports, everyone is glued to the NHL and NBA Playoffs right now so losing that might silence the message. I want to hear Lebron after games, avoid questions and talk about injustice, I want to see NHL players send their messages in their interviews. I want to see these guys support their communities.

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