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Terry’s Random Rankings: Top 5 football Movies of All-Time!

Alright it’s time for another random list that I thought of this morning while watching Season 5 of Last Chance U. The Best movies aren’t all about the pros. There isn’t a shortage of football movies but the best sports movie of all time is Slap Shot. You can’t even come close to the accuracy but the movies I chose for this football list are as close as you can be. Also, some of them are based on true stories but most are full of S***, still good movies. I’m not a huge fan of the cheesy/non-relatable movies on here like Jerry Maguire because it’s not just about football.

5- Varsity Blues

How can you not have Coach Bud Kilmer on this list? One of the ultimate asshole coach. John Moxon the average looking QB that has all the skill in the world that loves reading is the ultimate ‘Murica story line. How can you not love the cast of a teenage alcoholic white receiver that’s addicted to sex like Tweeter, Lance Harbour busting his knee disappointing his dad and the rest of West Canan Coyotes and the loveable Billy Bob .This movie is best for the quotes like “Puke and Rally” “fasten your seatbelt and hold on to your nipples” and who can forget the whipped cream bikini.

4- The Program

Great movie that portrays the reality of a D1 University Football Team. This movie is awesome for many reasons, none other than the backup QB taking Swimming Pool Management courses, the starting Defensive lineman on steroids or even the hot shot alcoholic QB that rides his motorcycle without a helmet. The Program shows us a side to football that we never saw before. IF you grew up playing competitive football and can’t relate to this movie then ask yourself if you really played. I doubt it.

3- Friday Night Lights

I think this is the first movie I ever cried to. That last scene where Mike Winchell is throwing the ball to the kids is a real tear jerker. Based on the true story of the Permian Panthers from Odessa, Texas. Star RB Boobie Miles (great name) tears his ACL and the team is forced to battle it out to win the Texas AAAAA State Title. The Panthers, lead by QB and heart and soul of the team Mike Winchell, make it to the State final vs Dallas Carter and lose. That Dallas Carter team had seventeen D1 commits including NFL Pro Bowler Jesse Armstead. There’s an awesome doc on ESPN about them. Friday Night Lights was so good that they made a spin off TV show that was even better.

2- Remember the Titans

So tough to not have this movie at #1. Denzel Washington portrays coach Herman Boone that takes over an all black high school football team merged with all white school in the 70s after segregation was abolished in the US. This movie is motivating, captivating and has a lot of great quotes and scenes. Some classic characters like Sunshine, Louie Lastik and Petey Jones RB THE RB Y’all cant be forgotten. There’s lot of singing in this timeless classic but the best scene is when the team finally comes together by the leadership of Gary Bertire and Julius Campbell.

1- Any Given Sunday

This classic gives us an inside look at what it’s like inside a pro football locker room. Hot head QB, flashy RB, dumb metal head Offensive Linemen. It’s perfect! Throw in a coach that’s losing his mind and is too stubborn to change and adapt. Al Pacino as the drunk Head Coach, Cameron Diaz as the Team owner by nepotism, Jamie Fox as the star QB Willie Beamen, Dennis Quaid as the washed future HOFer. The best scene in any sports movie is the half time speech delivered by Coach D’Amato but I’m sure you’ve seen it. To understand the movie you have to watch this scene.

Honorable Mentions

This list was hard to make because I left out The Replacements, Little Giants, Longest Yard and Rudy. Pure football movies but way too cheesy. I like the realness of a good football movie, one that would make me jump up and celebrate when a TD is scored or a turnover is made.

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