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Paul Pierce has lost his mind. Pierce removes Lebron James from GOAT list

After the Los Angeles Lakers lost Game 1 in the first round, Paul Pierce revisited his Anti-Lebron ideology. The Lakers dropped Game 1 to teh Trail Blazers and Pierce said that if the Lakers get bounced in the first round, that he doesn’t want to hear anyone talk about LBJ in the GOAT conversation.

I understand that this might look bad on Lebron’s legacy and I agree with that people can take away his GOAT talk. I still think he’s the best basketball player of all time and you’ll never convince me otherwise. BUT Mr. Paul Pierce, I don’t agree with your idiotic comment that he wouldn’t be in the TOP 5 of all time. Even the biggest Lebron haters say he’s 2nd or 3rd best ever.

You’re losing your marbles and trying to be too controversial.


  1. Words spoken only of the moment ….dudes carrying on for no reason. NFL greats John Elway lost more Superbowls then he won, Jim Kelly lost 4 straight Superbowls and Dan Marino won only one Super Bowl and these men are considered part of the Goats conversation. NBA is that sport where no matter how good you are, it always in the “moment” that controls the narrative, man please.

    1. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl. But yes I agree the NBA is always a “what have you done lately?”

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