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Everyone sucks at Golf. Only three people are good Golf. F*** It. Oops we can’t swear

I’ve played golf for about 10 years but only three years ago did I really start to try at Golf. My conclusion is that I’ll never be considered “good”. Golf is by far the hardest sport ever. I don’t care if you’re Tiger Woods or Aretha Franklin (no clue why I chose her), everyone sucks at Golf. At any given time there’s only three people in the world that are GOOD at Golf.

Right now it’s Brooks Koepka, Colin Morikawa and Justin Thomas. Tomorrow there might be a new list of good players and the next another list. It’s a revolving door of guys who can be good one day and suck the next.

Since COVID, the stock market, selling my house, my beautiful understanding girlfriend and general laziness to find a real job has given me the opportunity to play a lot this year, I’ve played about 25 rounds of Golf all around the Island of Montreal. I couldn’t be happier because I know I’ll be playing this game until my late 80s but I know I’ll always suck. I’ve broken 100 twice this year (96 and 98) and all I do is watch YouTube videos and the Golf Channel. I never knew more than three golfers names. I started listening to podcasts and walking into Golf Town three times a week, I’m obsessed.

This year has been very interesting because we’re seeing a rejuvenation in the game with young marketable players like Justin Thomas, Bryson Dechambeau and Colin Morikawa. So when Justin Thomas drops an F-Bomb, it’s not a bad thing..The PGA has been very vocal about keeping it clean on the course and I get it but every once in a while we need to see these guys be themselves and not what the public expects them to be. As muc $*!% that Dechambeau is getting for being a stickler and always complaining, it’s a breath of fresh air for us viewers.

These new golfers know that in order to grow your brand, you’ll need to be more approachable. I want to wear taxi cab hat like Bryson and crush a ball like he does or get mad if a miss a 7 inch put like JT but hit a 70 yard Pitching Wedge two inches from the hole. These guys are the future and we should embrace them as such.

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