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UFC 252 Recap. Daniel Cormier retires and has awful taste in music., and Sean O’Malley hype train still in full speed.

This card didn’t disappoint. Hype Trains slow down, Retirement spoiled, and the end of a Heavyweight legend. There were some great fights on this card most if which went to a decision. I didn’t watch all the prelims but i did watch the main. I thought Ashley Yoder won her fight vs Livia Renata Souza but the judges thought differently. I gave Daniel Cormier the 5th round and was surprised that the judges gave Stipe the unanimous decision. Chito Vera upsets Sean O’Malley on a good performance but let’s get real here, the UFC won’t let Suga Sean fall back down the rankings.

Ashley Yoder was able to use her distance and tremendous kickboxing to keep her distance. Souza is an extremely explosive fighter and relies on counters and quick explosion. The fight stayed standing for the most part but, on the gorund I gave Yoder the edge. She made more submission attempts and had Souza’s back a few times. Even thoough SOuza had more significant strikes, I really felt that Yoder was the more active fighter and pushed the pace. Souza wins by decision 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27. The judge that had it 30-27 is on crack.

Merab Dvalishvili vs John Dodson was a crazy fight. For myself, it was the welcome party to Dvalishvili. I know how good and how tough John Dodson can be, but the fighter from Georgia put on a clinic. Merag Dvalishvili used his world class wrestling and his boxing skills perfectly vs a vet like Dodson. I’m not surprised of how well his striking is after seeing Ray Longo in his corner. He wrestled and through power shots, almost as if he was point fighting. Dodson was hesitant the entire fight, never really let himself go.

Herbert Burns vs Daniele Pineda was very interesting. Burns didn’t make weight and gave up 20% of his purse to Pineda. Pineda is a black belt in Jiujitsu but so is Burns. Pineda dominated this fight, standing on the ground finishing the fight with TKO from the Crucifix. I think Burns gets cut here. The UFC hates when fighters miss weight and especially when they shit the bed.

Junior Dos Santos vs Jairzinho vs Rozenstruik was exactly what I expected. Good thing my bet didn’t go through because I slapped 100$ on JDS but I was too late. Bigi Boy wins by TKO and I’m not surprised because JDS’ chin has been gone for a long time even coming off a TKO loss to Curtis Blaydes. Rozenstruik sets himself up well after his TKO loss to Ngannou.

Chito Vera vs Sean O’Malley ends in disappointment. Just like most people, I was on the Suga Sean hype train but it was derailed but a broken foot. Vera fough well but Up until that point I was giving O’Malley the 1st round, even though he broke his foot. Vera checked some kicks that brok the foot of O’malley. Vera smelt blood and took advantage. I think Herb Dean stopping the fight early helped Suga because he was unable to continue to fight. Congrats to Chito but I would love to see this fight again.

Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic trilogy for the Heavyweight fight was unreal. The worst part of the fight was DC walking out to the worst song ever. They both exchanged KO victories in the first two fights. The anticipation in this fight was unreal This fight was Back and forth fight and cemented Stipe in history. I still think DC is one of the best heavyweights ever but the best of all time is Stipe. I gave DC the 1st and 5th and potentially the 4th. Most people felt that the 4th for a toss up but all judges gave the rounds to Stipe winning a Unanimous decision. DC retires after the fight saying that he will only fight for championships. It looks like the belt has fallen out of reach for him so he will mist likely slowly move into a bigger role commenting. What’s next for Stipe? Jon Jones, Francis Ngannou and who else? Stipe looked great physically but he sounds awful verbally.

Thank You Daniel Cormier/King of the Grind/DC for an awesome career and I look forward to seeing you coach some up and coming fighters and commenting. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!

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