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NFL COVID-19 Suggestion for 2020 Regular Season

Alright be patient with me here. If you’ve read any of my stuff, you would know I’m not the best writer, but there’s a method to my madness and some gems if you can find them This is a quick thought of what I suggest the NFL does with their season. A few months ago, I wrote a piece on my suggestion for the NHL and I was very close to what they created. We’ve seen success in the NBA and the NHL, contrary to the MLB. What’s the difference you ask? THE BUBBLE!!!. The MLB is the only league that didn’t create a bubble. The Virus is growing in the US unlike Europe. That’s why the European soccer leagues have been able to travel but they’ve also limited the contact the players have with anyone outside the circle.

So, here it is. The ultimate plan for the NFL|

Expand and Simplify schedule by having all Divisions in same Time Zones face off and remove two games, shortening the season to fourteen games. The fact that teams travel less also creates the luxury of playing games every 5 days if the team isn’t traveling. Schedule structure is the main issue Ex: AFC East vs NFC East NFC West vs AFC West and so on and so forth. This would keep teams from changing time zones and exposing themselves to different stadiums and environments that may or may not be infected. After each team plays all 12 games (6 vs division and 4 vs opposing conference) they would split travel to another HUB City for the remaining 4 games where they would face off vs another division from same conference. Ex: NY Giants vs Phoenix and Seattle in Phoenix and vs San Francisco and LA in Dallas

HUB Cities

NFC East – Dallas vs AFC East – Buffalo

NFC West – Phoenix vs AFC West – Las Vegas

NFC North – Minnesota vs AFC North – Cleveland

NFC South – Atlanta vs AFC South – Indianapolis

Limit travel by choosing two HUB cities per two divisions. Sticking with the NFC East vs AFC East example, Dallas and Buffalo can be HUB Cities. SO all NFC East teams would stay in Dallas and all AFC East teams would stay in Buffalo. The teams would travel on private planes (as usual god forbid they fly coach) but the exposure is minimized while playing in just two cities for 70% of the season.

Scheduling priorities are vital. Each team would play their division two times each. They would then play the opposing division team once each, that’s 10 games which leaves four games left to play. Each Division would then swap HUB cities with another division from the opposing conference conference. EX: NFC East move to Phoenix to face the NFC West, while AFC West swaps to Dallas to face the AFC East. Each team would play their divisional games in their HUB city and split HUBs with the opposing conference.

Schedule Example for the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills

It’s not perfect but it works

The playoffs are simpler. Choose one HUB city per conference and SB would go to the higher seed. I/m a genius. You’re welcome Roger

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