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Three Days of Gambling

I don’t gamble often but when I do bet, I’m all over the place. Saturday night was an interesting because I usually gamble on big UFC Cards and the odd NHL or NFL game. I felt like Adam Sandler’s character on Uncut Gems. Day of the NHL Playoffs and I said I would stay away. But, as I started to watch the UFC, I bet on the maincard. Derek Brunson was 2.55 underdog. Bang I put 75$ on him to win and another bet of 25$ on him winning in the third round.

I wasn’t even watching the fight because the Montreal Canadiens were in a tight game vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. I even forgot i made my UFC bets. I look at the Score app and I see Brunson TKO (punches) Rd 3!!! 877$ right there. Habs push the Pens to OT, I check the line and it’s 2.10 Habs Underdog. Put 100$ on that. Petry scores in OT and Habs win. My account bubbles to 1000$.

Sunday I make a parlay in some Hockey games. 100$ on three games: Columbus, Minnesota and St-Louis. If you watched hockey you would’ve seen that Avalanche scored the game winning goal to beat the Blues 2-1 with 0,1 seconds left!!! Ok im down 100$ but I also made a made a unique bet on the Flyers and won 50$. I try to make so money back and bet on the NBA. I see that the Bucks are up 6 vs the Rockets. I see that they have a Live Bet line at -4.5 for the Bucks. I take that and Hornets at +23.5 vs the Pacers. I win the Hornets bet and lose the Bucks. Fuck!

Sunday Funday! NOPE. I put 25$ on the Rangers, Flames and Capitals, they all lost.

Monday night at my friends place to watch the Habs game. I parlay Dallas, Habs and Edmonton. I win 1/3. I tried to hedge and took Chicago over Edmonton, loss again. Finally I see the Habs down 1-0 with 12 minutes left and my site is pay 4.65 for a Habs win. Put 100$ and lost.

I withdrew the rest of my cash and I’m never gambling again.

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