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I hate the Marlins

I hate the Marlins for two reasons. 1- The former owner Jeffrey Loria screwed over my city of a Major League team and 2- they might’ve just ruined the MLB season. The Marlins have had issues with COVID tests and now have reported 10 positive cases from within their organization.

Their series vs the Blatimore Orioles is officially postponed and we don’t know when the MLB will allow the Marlins to resume play. They played the Yankees this week so there’s a high possibility that the Bronx Bombers are infected. I really hope not because I’m already four games into being disappointed by the NY Mets.

The MLB showed how incompetent the owners can be by not taking their time to establish proper protocol. It’s always funny to watch billionaires scramble to not lose money. This is interesting because the owners might be losing more money now if they don’t respond and react in the right way.

If we lose baseball, I’ll lose my fucking mind. Here’s Manfred explaining.

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