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Antonio Brown retires from the NFL after retiring after being cut by the New England Patriots.

On September 22nd 2019, after being cut by the New England Patriots, Antonio Brown announced his retirement. Brown was cut by the Patriots after being accused of sexual assault. He then followed up the assault by threatening the woman (Britney Taylor) in an incoherent rant via email. He then sued her for defamation. I’m confused…

Since Brown was cut by the Patriots after being released by the Raiders in the same season, he has yet to find a team. Why? He’s arguably the bet receiver in the league. He never showed signs of decline. He was always at the top of his game. In a football sense, he deserves to be on a team. In logical sense, I’m not surprised that he isn’t on a roster.

He has been non-stop looking for attention. Like clockwork! He would tweet something random and clearly trying to get some attention. He realized he was losing his fan base and his clout, so he tried to stay as relevant as possible. AB is a polarizing character but a confusing and frustrating one as well.

This is annoying because he has been out of work and he can’t let go. He’s blaming the owners for not paying him the money he signed for. Brown signed a contract that he feels still owes him $40M. Unfortunately, the Raiders released him for conduct detrimental to the team and voided his contract. Brown refused to practice unless he was allowed to wear a helmet that was not up to NFL safety code.

The sexual assault allegations allowed the Patriots to not pay him and they subsequently released him.

Add insult to injury, he went nuts on his baby mama and the cops when he called the police to his house because his ex was trying to take his car.

There’s something going on with AB| Mentally unstable and erratic. I hope he gets the help he needs and finds what he’s looking for. It would be ashamed for us to remember him for the bad when he has done so much good.

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