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Snitches get stitches: NBA Edition

In an extremely awkward and failed attempt to control their players, The NBA has setup a snitch line where players and personnel can rat out their teammates and colleagues if they break the Quarantine Bubble. Rumours have flowed through the hallways of Disneyland that players have been inviting girls to their rooms. This is so pathetic, it’s worse than the Canadian Revenue Agency setting up a snitch line to those collecting CERB and not being eligible.

Snitching on your teammates is like kissing your step sister, you think it’s ok to do, but then you realize that it might affect your family and friends.

Players like Ja Morant said he would never snitch on anyone. If the players can’t see the severity of contamination, then nobody will be able to stop them. All it takes is JR Smith to get the virus from sharing Hennessy bottles and BOOM Lebron is infected. This wouldn’t be the first time Smith screws over Lebron.

If these dumb millionaires cant stay put for another few weeks to avoid infection, then I’ve lost hope in Humanity. Stay in your room, play fortnite, get high and chill withe the boys. Nobody is asking for much here. Just don’t get the fucking virus.

OK I feel better now. Enjoy the Playoffs

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