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Renzo Gracie hates Gina Carano’s nudes.

If you’re an MMA fan and don’t know who Gina Carano is, then go ahead and stop jerking off to Joe Rogan’s spinning heel kick. Gina is the OG in women’s MMA. A superstar before Ronda Rousey made her appearance, before beautiful women were making millions to crack other beautiful women’s heads.

Gina was a beast and had tremendous potential. She retired from professional fighting after her loss to Cyborg and a 7-1 record. The UFC was rumoured to have had contract negotiations with her but they never came to fruits. She’s made a career post fighting in Holly wood. She had a prominent role on the Mandalorian and on Deadpool series and is still one of the most respected women in the history of the sport. She made news this week because she posted a nude pic on Instagram, which prompted MMA and BJJ Legend Renzo Gracie to respond with disappointment.

Her smile, her charisma, her ability to kick my ass… which guy wouldn’t have crush on Gina Carano. Keep doing the damn thing Gina.

Renzo Gracie was upset and told Gina to take her picture down and have some respect for herself. I love Renzo but take a backseat buddy. Her body her choice.

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