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Hockey HOF fails again!

I have never been a fan of the Hockey Hall of Fame induction process. The Hockey Hall of Fame is inducting six people in 2020: Kevin Lowe, Jarome Iginla, Marian Hossa, Kim St-Pierre, Ken Holland and Doug Wilson. Some of these are no brainers but some are extremely questionable. Here’s why I hate the process.

I have nothing against the players nominated. I have nothing against the fine people that run the process. I have something against whoever the hell votes for this. Ken Holland is an obvious choice, he was the GM for the late 90s and early 2000s Red Wings dynasty. Kim St-Pierre is one of the most decorated female hockey players ever. Jarome Iginla is an Olympic gold medalist, a World Junior Champ, Art Ross trophy winner and has accumulated 1300 points in 1554 games along with 1040 penalty minutes in the NHL. Marian Hossa is extremely deserving and I can’t hate on Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson getting in.

The MLB process is the best one. An eligible player needs to reach a certain % of the votes. In Hockey, they take five players with the most number of votes.

There is a lack of awareness when it comes to who should get in. In 2010, Legendary coach Pat Burns was on his death bed. He was eligible for the HOF but was passed by Gary Bettman. Pat Burns died in November 2010 and was inducted into the HOF the year after. I felt that this was an injustice and very disappointing. Pat Burns is a first ballot caliber nominee. Burns has won three Stanley Cups as a HC in the NHL. He is still one of the most respected coaches in the history of Hockey. I had no clue why the HOF committee refused to bend the rule and make an exception but the worst part is that Gary Bettman was inducted, the guy is still working. He would’ve had his day eventually and rightfully so. But in Bettman fashion, he didn’t care. I know I know, the NHL has no say in who gets inducted but somehow the weasel got his way.

This year I noticed names like Theo Fleury and Alexander Mogilny (first ever defector from Russia) left off the list. Their names were on the ballot but for some reason the voters chose to nominate Kevin Lowe, who’s claim to greatness was playing on a team with the two highest point scorers of all time and won six Stanley Cups. He’s also scored 84 goals in his entire career, where Mogilny scored 76 goals in just one season. Theo Fleury changed the game and paved the way for small guys. People hated on Carbonneau being inducted, I think he deserved it more than Doug Wilson and Kevin Lowe. But who the hell am I.

Congrats on the inductees in 2020! Thank you for your contribution to the game of Hockey


  1. Your article has multiple errors. Mogilny did not score 76 goals his rookie year. The Finnish Flash did that. Theo Fleury did not “change” the game he changed the game. Kevin Lowe “who’s” claim to greatness is wrong. Whose is the possessive. Come on, man. Have someone fact and grammar check your stuff before you publish it.

    1. I stand corrected! Mogilny scored 76 in his 3rd year. I looked over the article and although I don’t claim to be the best writer, I appreciate the read. We are looking for bloggers, would you be interested? you can send us an email at HotSauceSports2020@gmail.com

  2. Interesting article. I too am somewhat befuddled that Mogilny continues to get overlooked. His career numbers are very comparable to Paul Kariya’s + he has a Stanley Cup ring and had the single highest goals/game rate for aoa singlea single seasonnot named Gretzky, Lemieux or Hull.
    One could make a solid argument that he could even get inducted in the builders category as his defection opened the door for Russians players to come to the NHL.
    And as for Lowe, I really liked him when he played but the Hall of Fame should be reserved for elite players and he simply wasn’t. Good solid stay at home D but I’m pretty sure he played almost 20 years without a single Norris Throphy nomination.
    I will say that Doug Wilson was actually a very good player and it’s surprising he wasn’t in sooner. Only Coffey and Orr scored more goals in a season playing D than Wilson’s 39 + he had 7 seasons with 60 + points and won a Norris.

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