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Kyrie Irving: Good Guy or is he struggling with FOMO?

Kyrie Irving scheduled a zoom call with up to 80 African American NBA Players to try and boycott the players. On that call was Dwight Howard and Nets teammate Kevin Durant. Kyrie’s message is clear, he wants to show that African American players will stand for what they believe in. He wants to stand down from the condensed playoff format and show the world that won’t stand for systemic racism and not tolerate social injustice that has been plaguing the United States.

Kyrie’s heart is in the right place but I don’t agree that players should be sitting out. The NBA is about to be front and centre on National TV. The playoffs will be the most watched sporting event this year, not including the Super Bowl. If Kyrie, Durant and co. want to sit out then they lose their voices. The country will be watching Lebron and Kawhi on TV, not watching guys sitting on their couches angry at a system.

Social Injustice is a real thing. Kyrie has a big name and a big presence, in my opinion he’s better off going to the games and kneeling than staying at home. He wasn’t playing anyways, because of injury, which makes this even weirder. It’s almost like he didn’t want to miss out on playoffs so he’s trying to cancel them. Far fetched? Maybe, but keep in mind that Kyrie is a Flat Earther.

Kevin Durant called Kendrick Perkins a “sell out” for agreeing with Stephen A. Smith on his stance that Kyrie should not skip the playoffs. This is one of the few times that I will agree with Stephen A.

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