Conor Mcgregor is RETIRED… for now.

It’s official! “The Notorious” Conor Mcgregor has announced his retirement from MMA via Twitter. But don’t hold your breath, he’s done this before. In April of 2016 Conor retired while negotiating the Diaz vs Mcgregor 2 fight.

Does this decision come as a shock to you? It should. The only reason is because Conor has been calling everyone out. From Welterweight champ Kamaru Usman to Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz to Justin Gaethje. Every Tom Dick and Harry that bites to his bait on Twitter is just looking for a payout. Masvidal is in contract disputes with the UFC, Usman has a few guys that deserve a shot vs him. Nate just lost to Masvidal and Gaethje has an opportunity at the belt vs Khabib. They’re biting but Conor knows it’s not real, he wants KHABIB!!

Conor was on Ariel Helwani’s show this week and he said that the fight game doesn’t excite him anymore. How can it? He’s made the most money ever in MMA history, he expanded the sport beyond belief, he’s tasted victory in three weight classes and has won the belt in two of them. He’s never defended with of his two championships but nonetheless he was the first ever simultaneous two-division champ. How can we forget Conor vs Floyd. The first time ever that someone with zero boxing experience headlined an event against an undefeated world champion. Conor has always looked for the motivation in all his pre-fight antics.

He needed to ridicule Jose Aldo and steal his belt in order to win the mental game. He had to chase down Khabib’s bus and throw a chair at him to pump himself up. He needed to promote himself and belittle Eddie Alvarez. Nowadays, nobody is taking the bait. Conor is the best shit talker but if he doesn’t get anyone to chirp back he will lose interest. We saw the way him and Nate Diaz went after each other in their press conferences, throwing water bottles and getting in each others faces.

Even Uncle Dana said that Conor won’t fight unless there’s a crowd. “You do a Conor McGregor fight in the right place, you can do an $18 million gate. That’s a big number to give up. Even giving up five million…” – Dana White.

Conor should get the winner of Khabib and Gaethje. He asked for Gaethje and Gaethje has said that he wants to shut Conor up. Since Khabib is out of commission due to his father’s illness and not being able to leave Russia, it leaves a big gap with no fights. I would love to see Conor vs Gaethje but realistically, Gaethje earned the shot after ruining Tony Ferguson.

What I would like to see in no particular order:

Diaz v Mcgregor 3 – Gaethje v Khabib on Fight Island – Ferguson v Dan Hooker – Charles Oliviera v Poirier – Winner of Gaethje vs Khabib to face Mcgregor



Conor can retire and never have to worry about money ever again but we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

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