Baseball Spicy Rumors

MLB Owners are greedy little pigs.

MLB owners have sent a proposal that will, again, cut the pay of the players. The MLB is the only Major sport that doesn’t reveal their revenue. The proposal includes a sliding prorated pay scale percentage that will affect the highest paid players.

In the proposal, the highest paid players would lose the most money where the players at the lower end would keep most of their salary. This is after the players have agreed to prorated salary.

Proration is the only solution. If your salary requires you play and are paid for 162 games, and you only play 100 games, then you should only receive full pay for those 100 games. It’s basic, common sense and human decency.

The owners are being greedy and want a revenue sharing majority. The players are doing the bulk of the work, there fore shouldn’t have to take a pay cut.

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