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Terry’s Rankings: Who’s the Best College Football Program ever?

Not sure how watching John Wick influenced me to write this blog, but here it is. I was having a discussion with a friend recently and he asked me THE question… “who is the best college football team?” It’s hard to think of one school that was the best, most schools have had eras where they thrived and dominated. I’m going to look at as a hole, who has had the most success. This won’t be some in depth analysis that I know none of you expect me to produce, rather it’s a look into the success of specific teams.

How can we measure success? Is it by looking at the amount of professional players their program created? or by the amount of team success it’s had. Obviously there are other schools we can mention. Michigan State, Oklahoma or USC. I’ve narrowed it down to these five teams: Alabama, Notre-Dame, Michigan, Ohio State and Miami. These are the programs that I felt have been the most successful and always in contention for a National title. Obviously there are other schools we can mention. Michigan State, Oklahoma or USC.

Alabama Crimson Tide

They are by far the most successful in the last ten years than any other program having won five of their seventeen National Championships in that span, along with 27 SEC Championships. Alabama has produced two Heisman Trphy winners: Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry. Nick Saban has won Multiple Coaching awards, including AP Coach of the year in 2008. The school has produced eight Pro Football Hall of Famers, 374 NFL Draft Picks in history along with 76 active today. I’d say that’s a lot of success.

Notre-Dame Fighting Irish

Notre-Dame Fighting Irish Football team is the most storied franchise. When i think of ND, I imagine old school football in leather helmets and all black cleats. They don’t belong to a conference so their rivals cross many different conferences like USC and Michigan. Mostly known for their academics Notre-Dame has had seven Heisman Trophy Winners, including Pro Football HOFer Tim Brown. The Fighting Irish are tied for most players drafted in the NFL with 511, they’re also winners of eleven National Championships. Even though they haven’t been as successful as they’re storied to be, but they still pump out talent every year. In 2020, six players were chosen in the draft out of South Bend. Most memorable rivalry was Miami in the Convicts vs Catholics game. Go watch that 30 for 30 and you won’t regret it.

Miami Hurricanes

Known as The U, The Convicts, The Canes; they built their reputation in the 80s under Jimmy Johnson. The U in the 80s was sensationalized in Hip-Hop songs 30 years later and kept the legacy going. Unlike Notre-Dame that is known for being a highly respected academic university, University of Miami is infamous for being a bruising football team. Miami has had multiple ups but continuously produced world class athletes. 350 players drafted to the NFL, two Heisman Trophy winners and five National championships from the 80s to early 2000s.

Michigan Wolverines

In my opinion the nicest uniforms in NCAA, the all white I’ve been to Ann Arbour at The Big House to watch a football game with 113,000 people is an experience in itself. No wonder Michigan always recruits high end players. As one of the premier programs in the country, Michigan Wolverines have pumped out some of the best talent we’ve seen such as: Charles Woodson and Tom Brady. 379 players drafted to the NFL and eleven National Titles, most recently in 1997.

Ohio State Buckeyes

THE! Ohio State University as it’s known to football fans. The emphasis on THE is what distinguishes them from the rest. There is no doubt that Ohio State has always been a power house. They generate so much talent at multiple different positions that it’s hard to track. Third all time with 463 athletes drafted into the NFL, they are a premier hot spot for talent. In the 2020 NFL Draft they had three players drafted in the first round. Five years in a row they had multiple players selected in the first round. In 2016, they had a record setting 5 players selected on day one of the NFL draft including my boy Zeke Elliott.

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