The KING of Podcasting shocked the world

The male Oprah, Joe Rogan just changed the entire world of podcasting. The Joe Rogan Experience will be moving it’s show exclusively to Spotify. The deal will reportedly pay Joe Rogan $100M. By the end of the year all of JRE will be available only on Spotify.

The reason why this is huge is because most people will eventually move to Spotify for all their podcasts. Humans like convenience and by putting everything in spotify will increase their shares, likes and subscriptions. Take a look here at the rise of the Spotify Stock and you can see the effect that Joe Rogan made.

This comes from the restrictions that YouTube has put on the talent and creators on their platform. Joe Rogan averages over 70 million downloads a month including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. YouTube has been demonetizing accounts for playing the wrong music video or for changing your own format. Fighter and the Kid hosted by comedians Brendan Schaub and Bryan Called is another extremely popular show. Brendan Schaub is one of the most educated and informed people when it comes this business. Here they are talking about the deal.

The effect that JRE has on the world is unmatched. He is a revolutionary person that has changed the way we get our information. His guests are as diverse as you can get. From Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro to Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. MMA fighters to politicians. in 2019 he had four separate Democratic Nominees for the presidential race on his show including Bernie Sanders. Joe Rogan doesn’t back down from a challenge and is very educated in the topics he chooses to talk about. His range goes as far as psychedelics to MMA to politics to nutrition. He is the reason why I started podcasting and I still listen to him daily. Some people are complaining that in order to avoid ads on spotify you would need a premium subscription, but fuuuuuck them it’s still free. Stop complaining you Cucks. Wanna Fuck Bitch??

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