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The NHL stole my Playoff Idea… You’re welcome Gary.

Ok maybe they didn’t steal my idea since about 100 people read my blog from mid April. I was optimistic that the season could’ve resumed in May. I’m an idiot so there’s that. If you’re interested here is the link

BUT! the NHL has proposed an idea to the NHLPA that can salvage the 2019-2020 season. The idea starts with a 24 team playoff system. Here are the details:

Sub-divsions do not matter, the seeding is based on conference standings. The top four teams in each conference will automatically advance into the playoffs. The top four teams is determined by Point percentage and not just on points. This affected one team specifically. Edmonton falls out of the top four in the West and Dallas slides in. The top four will play one “tune up game vs the other 3 teams in their conference.

The best part of this bracket is that they act like March Madness and how the NBA used to run their playoffs seeds. They don’t reseed so ex: we know that if Montreal beats Pittsburgh in the 5 game play in series, they will face #1 seed Boston.

There are still some details to work out. Like which cities will these games be played in. Rumours are that Edmonton and Columbus will host their respective conferences. This is vital to limit travel time and isolate all the action to one arena. Easier to control. Kind of what the UFC did two weeks ago when they ran three events in eight days at the same venue. The UFC detected one case of COVID and it was upon arrival so the fighter was not infected at the event. As a season ticket holder that didn’t expect the Habs to be in the playoffs, it sucks but I get it. As long as we can see some playoff hockey. Here are the highlights from last years playoffs. I have a boner.

I can’t wait for the playoffs!!!

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