Brendan Leipsic leaked messages reveal a misogynistic bonehead but should he get a second chance?

Capitals forward Brendan Leipsic got caught with his pants down. On Wednesday night, comments which originated from an Instagram chat had been leaked for the world to see. Among the comments, Brendan Leipsic said some pretty disgusting things about his teammates wives and called his current Captial linemates “losers” (Nic Dowd and Garnet Hathaway).

The full credit of this leak should go to Instagram account @Angelszeee2020. While we do not know the intentions of this leak, one thing is for sure: hide your motherfucking DMs.

Leipsic has since offered an apology:

“I fully recognize how inappropriate and offensive these comments are and sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions. I am committed to learning from this and becoming a better person by taking time to determine how to move forward in an accountable, meaningful way. I am truly sorry,”

Brendan Leipsic

Look, I’m not a fan of cancel culture. We all know what is the next step in this process: complete social shame and resentment. Large sports networks with nothing better to report WILL latch onto this story. Brendan will be fined and be publicly shamed in a sports-less era. He should count his blessings that Earl Thomas Jr. was caught cheating on his wife with his brother… that oughta take off some heat!

While I do agree that Brendan should be fined for this… or even suspended. Let’s not cancel him. He’s a bonehead. He fucked up. He’s human. I do believe that he will have to face a greater hell in the locker room around his teammates and in his personal life. He has a ton of reconciling to do before the NHL season starts and if he doesn’t he’ll probably get his head taken off.

If you are shocked by this and spitting virtual humiliation at him today… ask yourself one question: Are you any better? Let’s not act like you don’t have your own shit talking chat group. That one group where you call your coworker Ronny a “nut sack face”.. or that other message group dedicated to making fun of your boss’s ass crack.

If you are truly an angel and haven’t ever said anything disparaging about anyone, then you are probably boring as fuck anyways. Here are some highlights of Brendan Leipsic, misogynistic bonehead that should probably get a second chance:

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