NFC EAST DRAFT GRADES: Benito Jones, Giants continue rebuild and Eagles get Hurts.

I liked the shelter-in place cosy draft format, got to know a few canines saw different backgrounds and the different set ups were interesting. I hope some of this interesting flavouring can be retained for future drafts.

There was no early market for a trade because only two teams where interested in Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Hebert and they didn’t bid against themselves. Smart and lucky, in that both teams were able to procure potential franchise quarterbacks without paying a kings ransom. The Packers waited and traded up and got Jordon Love, they may have gotten their post Aaron Rodgers franchise quarterback. The Eagles used a second round pick and got the very talented Jalen Hurts as either a substitute or a replacement for Carson Wentz. The Cowboys made a good strategic pick in taking CeeDee Lamb. The Redskins as expected took the best player in the draft edge rusher Chase Young.


The Giants selected Andrew Thomas, who can be a solid fixture on the Giants line for the next ten years. He was really the safest choice of the four available offensive tackles and he gives the Giants some flexibility, he could start at left tackle or right tackle.  They  have the option of going Andrew Thomas at left tackle and Nick Gates at right tackle and designate Nate Solder as a post June 1 cut. I hope that Nate can rebound from last year and stay with the team.

I have to give Gettleman a lot of credit for resisting the temptation of drafting high powered offensive weapons like Henry Ruggs or CeeDee Lamb. He focused on rebuilding and upgrading the offensive line. I hope this results in Daniel Jones getting more time and space to use his athletic ability to extend plays. They also got some badly needed blocking for Saquon Barkley. This alone wouldn’t be sufficient. Last year one the problems was that it became very obvious when he was getting the ball as a result he was ambushed in the backfield too many times. I’m confident that Jason Garrett will use him in a less predictable and more efficient way.

In selecting Xavier McKinney they have a versatile playmaker on defence. Along with the strengths that they already have on defence and the free agency signings make for a substantially improved defence. At this point adding an experienced free agent edge rusher would be ideal. The defence is now in position where they can get more three and outs and most importantly close out games. In the past two years the Giants defence has lost them many games by not being able to protect a lead late in the game. I’m confident that this will change. The New York Giants have improved and will win more games than last year.

New York Giants A

Washington Redskins

The Redskins defence is already pretty good and Chase Young is going to  give them a  huge difference maker. The addition of two wide receivers Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy-Golden, is going two give Duane Haskins some very good weapons. I expect the Redskins to win more games and be more competitive. I think they will be hard to beat and win their share of games.

Washington Redskins A

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys had an exceptional strong draft. CeeDee Lamb is going to add another dynamic element to their offence. In selecting Lamb the Cowboys went with the best player available and as a bonus kept him away from the Eagles. I expect Ceedee Lamb, Trevon Diggs, Neville Gallimore, and Tyler Biadasz to be starters. I think the Cowboys have improved and will win more games.

Dallas Cowboys A+

Philadelphia Eagles

There has been lot of critism regarding the Eagles draft choices as they  reached for a wide receiver in the first round and selecting a quarterback in the second round. While I think that Jalen Hurts is very talented and probably a steal in the second round, what about Carson Wentz.  Is he still in the Eagles future plans? I am not going to write off the Eagles but this draft does not make them a stronger team in a stronger division. The Eagles are going to win less games.

Philadelphia Eagles C-

Last thought on the 2020 Draft

My Best Value Choice goes to the Miami Dolphins in signing UDFA Defensive Tackle Benito Jones, I was surprised that he wasn’t drafted. At 6’1” he lacks the classic height that his position seems to call for. At 316 pounds Jones is very strong and agile and can get very low to foil many short yardage situations. Jones will be on an NFL team next year.

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