NFC North Draft grades: Packers draft JLo to Replace ARod

Today’s focus will be the NFC North! Packers shock us again by not helping out Aaron Rodgers. How can this team expect to win another championship if they keep working against their superstar Quarterback?! This had to be one of the best WR drafts in a long time and they managed to screw it up. Anyways, here’s Terry’s take on this legendary division.

Chicago Bears

Needs: WR, DB, OL

Without a a pick in the first round, the Bears needed to be crafty. They are far from a Super Bowl contender and the book is still out on their first round pick from years ago QB Mitch Trubisky. Losing Clinton-Dix and Akamura. Their first pick came in the 2nd round and they took one of the highest rated TE Coe Kmet from Notre Dame. They finished the 2nd round by drafting Jaylon Johnson, CB from Utah. Then added more depth to the secondary when the Bears selected Kindle Vildor from Georgia Southern.

Grade: C+

Detroit Lions

Needs: DB, OL, DL

Almost a perfect score if they had traded up to get some protection for Stafford but none the less, great job. Picking CB Jeff Okudah from Ohio State 3rd overall and top rated RB De’Andre Swift in the 2nd round, solidified needs.


Green Bay Packers

Needs: WR, DB, OL

The only thing the Packers needed to do in the first round was give Aaron Rodgers some help and the fucked it up. They drafted a QB Jordan Love of Utah State who is a great talent but wasn’t the priority. They did fall on a great prospect in the son of future HOFer Jon Runyan, G from Michigan Jon Runyan.

Grade: C+

Minnesota Vikings

Needs: CB, WR, DL

I like who the Vikings drafted, the fact that they let a bunch of guys go I don’t like. They chose WR Justin Jefferson LSU and CB Jeff Gladney TCU in the first and CB Cameron Dantzler Mississippi State in the 3rd. Addressed needs they had and replaced veterans with young guys that can play right away.

Grade: A

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