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Cardinals QB Brett Hundley sued by ex-wife for giving her an STD.

Arizona Cardinals QB Brett Hundley is being sued by his ex-wife for giving her an STD and is also pressing charges for allegedly abusing her while they were married for 2 1/2 years.

The backup QB is countersuing on these claims. Hundley maintains that she is trying to extort him in paying spousal support. The ex-wife is claiming that on three seperate occasions, Hundley choked her, pushed her around and slammed her on a pool table. She is also claiming that he gave her an STD while he cheated on her.

She is suing for 750,000$ ans 13,000$/month ins spousal support. Hundley’s lawyers are confident that this will be resolved.

The two met while Hundley was at UCLA , were married and broke up in 2018.

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