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“Dak is an idiot!” – Anonymous Dallas Cowboys fan

Why the fuck would Dak and Zeke have a party during this pandemic? I know why… Because they are stupid! Great players but extremely tone deaf. The world is on lockdown for a reason Dak and Zeke. Are you not getting enough attention? TMZ reported that Dak hosted a party for a birthday as seen below.

Ok I got that off my chest. I’ve defended Dak more than enough times to rip him when he’s wrong. I’ve defended Zeke when he deserved defending but I’m not surprised that Zeke was involved in this stupidity. Dak is a great football player and doesn’t get the credit for it. He hasn’t proven how good he can be and his ceiling is very high. But I can’t defend him when it comes to hosting a party of 30 people during a pandemic. Dak is a young healthy man that I’m sure can survive the Coronavirus. It’s the fact that he has no idea where his guests have been or, even worse, he has NO IDEA if he is carrying the virus and infects dozens of other people. These other people go home and infect someone else that might have a weaker immune system. I’m not a fucking doctor but I am a sports fan and after the NHL, MLB and the NBA froze their seasons, I refuse to stand by and watch Dak ruin the NFL for me.

Dak… Zeke… don’t be dumb! Keep it simple and stop fucking with my and millions of others fantasy teams. You ask for millions of dollars in payout generated by fans like me so DON’T FUCK IT UP! It’s bad when I agree with Stephen A Smith and anything Cowboys related.

If my Flag Football league is suspended then you don’t have your chip and dip parties. Awful judgment on Dak’s part.

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