Terry’s Random Rankings: Part 1

This is the first part to a wide variety completely subjective, uninformed and useless rankings I like to do. I will be posting one article a week with my rankings. It will range from sports to food, from Quarterbacks to types of whiskey. see below for other lists that I’ve made.





We lost a legend and pioneer in the sport of basketball. Kobe Bryant passed away along with his daughter Gianna Bryant in a tragic helicopter accident. We mourn the loss of Black Mamba, Lil Mamba and the seven other passengers aboard the flight. In memory of Black Mamba, I will name my SIXfavourite NBA Players of all time. I wanted to make a list of five but I couldn’t leave any of these men off the list. The Greek Freak Giannis Antetokoumpo is not on this list because he’s fairly new and he’ll be included on another list coming soon!

6- Jason “White Chocolate” Williams

It’s all in the name. Jason Williams was the most unassuming player I had ever seen. To this day, I’ll watch his highlight reel passes he made to Cris Weber and Vlade Divac over and over again. I loved his creativity with the ball. I remember a story on his training; Williams would run up and down the court, alone, with a pair of gardening gloves taped to his hands, so when he was in the game, the ball would feel light. Enjoy this highlight tape and you’ll see what I mean.

5- Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant

RIP Black Mamba, we’ll miss his positive attitude and his mental focus. Kobe was known for being ruthless on the court. He was hated by few because of his “beef” with Shaq but was loved by many for his skill and perseverance. I grew watching Kobe dominate with the Lakers, I watched him defeat the Celtics in the NBA finals, I watched him drop 80 points in a game and countless buzzer beaters. It’s hard to argue that he wouldn’t be on the Mount Rushmore of basketball alongside, Michael, Lebron, Magic, Kareem, Larry or whoever you would add. My point is that Kobe is one of the best of all time, if not the best. How can we argue that with his trophy case: 2x Finals MVP, 12x All Defensive and 5x NBA Champ all with the same team.

4- Vince Carter

I was just a Canadian kid that saw the first ever Canadian team in the NBA lead by the showman that was Vince Carter. Part of the reason why i wear #15 in any sport I play. Vince Carter legitimized the Raptors and put Canada on the map. Even though he’s not Canadian, there’s no way the Raptors would’ve survived if he wasn’t on the team in their peak. VC was known for his creative ability in the slam dunk contest, the way he would leap over any big man with his nuts in their face for a posterizing slam dunk. Watching him in a Rockeys jersey was ugly. He might not be a first ballot HOFer but he should be inducted when he retires. Vince was an 8x All Star and Rookie of the Year.

3- Steve Nash

The best Canadian basketball of all time, the two time MVP with the Phoenix Suns and all around great guy. Steve Nash may have had the ugliest mushroom cut ever but he did while dominating the hardwood. Nash was THE premier Point Guard in the early 2000s winning MVP honors in consecutive years in 2005 and 2006. Nash was never able to win the big one, he was unfortunate enough to play at a time when Shaq, Kobe and Lebron were in the league. Nash was known for his vision, a lot like #6 on this list, he was creative and you never knew when he would dish a ball in stride to Dirk Nowitzki or Amari Stoudemire. Steve Nash is a fist ballot HOFer and well deserved.

2- Lebron James

I knew he was going to be special when the cover of the Montreal Gazette read the line “Lebron James signs 9 year 70$ Million deal with Nike” and he hadn’t even played a game in the NBA. The 4x League MVP, 3x NBA Champ and 3x Finals MVP, Lebron is the best player of all time. I don’t care what anyone says, you can tell me that he stacks his teams, when he’s proven single handed that he can do it alone. You can say he hasn’t won as many as Michael Jordan. even Robert Horry will say that measuring an individual on championships is dumb, he has seven rings. Lebron has done it clean, without any drama off the court, he’s broken records, he’s won championships and it seems we can’t go a year without watching him in the NBA Finals. Lebron is the standard and he will go down as the best all around player. Nobody matches his IQ when it comes to the game. He’s an impressive human being and the G.O.A.T.

1- Reggie Miller

My man Reggie! He’s become one of the best color commentators in the business. He was also known as the best 3-pt shooter of our generation. Reggie didn’t give a fuck, he would shoot from anyhwere and most likely nail it. Finishing his career with 39.5% 3-pt success rate. Reggie was mostly known for his part in the rivalry between the Pacers and the Knicks. The exact moment I became a fan was when he hit 9 points in 8 seconds to defeat the Kicks at MSG, right before looking at Spike Lee and giving him the choking sign (I might have the timelines mixed up but still). The Knicks haven’t recovered since. Reggie never won a championship but was a 5x All Star and a member of Dream Team.

That’s my list and here are my honourable mentions.

Tim Duncan – The Quiet Assasin from the Cayman Islands. 5x NBA Champ, 3x Finals MVP, 2x MVP and 15x All-Defensive

Dirk Nowitzki – I love me some Euro flavour. Dirk was so dominant and very under appreciated. League MVP, Finals MVP and NBA Champ in 2008.

Dwayne Wade – 3x NBA Champ, Finals MVP and League MVP

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